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vent 3/28/2010
1997 Saab 900 S 4 Cyl 2.3L - Preventive Maintenance
My 1996 saab 900 went into a big pot hole (drivers side) now it won't start up
When I turn the ignition key it tries to start but it won't hold. A day after it went in the pot hole I sat in the car as it ran for about 15 minutes after which it just cut off. I tried to get a push and use the cluth to start it but that doesnt work either. I bought a new battery, distributor cap and rotter button, I also plan on replaciing the wires. I dont know if a sensor is broken or my fuel cap is out of wack due to the fact that it went in a pot hole. Does anyone have any input regarding this situation. Thx
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  • michelle6810
    michelle6810 6/21/2010
    Have you check for a loose connection on the starter, or the starter itself?

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