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jerry 5/24/2012

1994 Mazda 323 Base 4 Cyl 1.6L


1994 Mazda 323 cranks but won't start

Engine was stopped just prior to overheating, now it won't start.
-The coolant is full and there does not appear to be any coolant in the oil or on the plugs
- here is about ¾ of a tank of gas
-cleaned battery posts, battery is 3 yr’s old, the negative cable will not tighten on the post anymore, I turned the cable over and was able to tighten it. The battery has 14amps
-I checked for spark at the plugs, there was spark, it seemed to be inconsistent, it would spark once when I first turn the key then nothing for a few seconds then sometimes it would spark again
-I checked for spark at the coil same as at the plug
-I took out the spark plugs they looked gunked up, I bought new ones
-I took off the cap, the contacts had notches in them so I bought a new cap and rotor no change
-I tested the coil it seemed to be in the range the book said
-I took of the ICM and brought it in to be tested, it seemed to be ok
-comp at each cylinder 105-205
-took the fuel line off at the rail, turn key, ok

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RC 5/24/2012

Are the injectors pulsing?


jerry 5/24/2012

I did not check this yet, I thought I would resolve a spark issue first.

Do you have tips on testing the injectors?


RC 5/24/2012

Did the igniter test okay and does this model have a CKP sensor? You can use a noid light or listen for a click with a screw driver or stethoscope. The resistance at each injector should be 12-16 ohms.

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