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russ 7/21/2010

1989 Porsche 944 Base 4 Cyl 2.7L


I have a 1989 944 with a 1985 2.5 engine .a 2.7 L engine computer is running a 1985 engine.

can the 1989 computer run the 1985 2.5 engine correctly?

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GregT944 10/17/2011

The answer is yes, but the answer is also no. Though the computers for the 2.7 and the 2.5 are going to have fairly similar programming, to really run properly, the vehicle needs to have the correct computer (known as the DME). My guess (wild guess) would be that the 2.7 DME will just run the engine too richly, which is not as bad as too lean, but will still cause issues with unburnt fuel.


GregT944 10/17/2011

I also forgot to mention that you can find DMEs for the 1985.5 - 1987 944 engines fairly easily and cheaply - you'll also most likely come out ahead by selling your '89 DME and purchasing an earlier DME.

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