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lemmy 7/28/2010

1987 Volvo 760 GLE 4 Cyl 2.30L


1987 volvo hard to start on hot dayafter been running for a while but started right up ran fine after cool down period

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Blackwater 7/28/2010

It can be a fuel pump concern, the fuel pressure is low for it to start, the pressure needed to operate is around 60psi, what some people do is cycle the on/off switch a couple of times to build up pressure.

Hot starting problems can also be caused by cooling problems that allow your engine to run hot, or excessive resistance in the starter motor that causes the engine to crank slowly. A starter amp draw test can be used to check the condition of your starter. Also, many starters have small "heat shields" to protect them from heat radiating from nearby exhaust pipes or manifolds. If the shield is missing, the starter may get too hot and bind up.


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