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Ken 2/2/2012

1982 Dodge D50 Sport 4 Cyl 2.6L

Transmissions & Drivetrains

I have a 1982 dodge d-50 4 wheel drive pickuup truck that has a torn boot on both sides on the front cv shaft. I was abl

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rick 2/2/2012

What do you want to know ? Bad boots means this . First the grease all comes out . Then you get water and dirt in them . Then they start clicking because of no grease and alot of dirt . Last they (if you drive it that long) brake . So it boils down to this . Change them now or get tow truck to take you home some night and do it then . And fix everything else that came apart with them .


Ken 2/2/2012

well the question didnt make it on there last time. lets try this again. I have replaced the passenger side cv shaft, but have been unable to remove the drivers side cv shaft. I have taken the cover off of the front differential in an effort to try to locate a snap ring that might be holding the shaft in, but have been ujnable to find anything holding it yet it still will not come out. any suggestions. 1982 dodge Ram 50 4 wheel drive

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