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Keith 7/18/2012
1980 MG MGB MK IV 4 Cyl 1.8L - Engine
1977 MGB 1.8L. What is the normal operating oil pressure for this engine at normal highway speeds? Using 10W40 Oil.
Starts out at 50lbs but drops to around 22lbs at operating speeds. Some smoke, not much, but uses oil. Engine has a "slap" under acceleration but will quieten down at cruise speeds. Also, what would be a reasonable cost for an engine rebuild?
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  • Jimm
    Jimm 7/21/2012
    At the oil pressure switch, the normal operating range is; 5 - 9 PSI. Not unusual for the oil pressure to srtat higher and then drop and stabilize during engine operation.
    An engine rebuild kit will cost around $12500 to around $825.00 (source;, or www.

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