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JesseC ... 11/16/2012

1988 Ford Ranger XLT 6 Cyl 2.9L


I am only getting 17 mpg is there anything that I could do to get better? Or is that good?

I only get 17 mpg, can I get more?

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ssg62n40 11/16/2012

Dont say much about how many miles are on truck. So assuming truck is not burning oil. 1. New plugs and wires if they are old. After a good tune up you might think about a open flow air filter like K&N or AFE They do help to gain a mile or 2 and slight increase in power. I have a 2004 Ranger XLT supercab with 3.0 , 120,000 on odometer get 17 city 21 highway Have AFE air box and Dynamax cat back exhaust


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