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jcoop6 1/16/2013

2004 Saturn Ion-2 Base 4 Cyl 2.2L


Why does it take 10 minutes to crank engine on while depressing gas pedal?

So I hit something on the highway that put a hole in my radiator. Flushed it, put some StopLeak in and was fine for two days. Then, that burst and didn't hold up. Ordered new radiator, should be delivered soon. In the meantime (necessary that I drive), a new problem arose. Even with a brand new battery, car will not crank on normally. I have to depress the gas pedal and toy with it to get it to start the engine. Takes 10 minutes. I can smell gas when I do this. Once the car starts, I have to keep the rpms over 1000 or else the car idles down and shuts off. I know I need to replace the radiator, but are these other issues solely because of that?

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