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BiggRob77 5/7/2011

2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 8 Cyl 5.7L


What can cause 1 click when key is turned and all electrical cuts and computer completely resets everything?

Optima red top battery installed. Also I know usually one click could indicate starter is bad but don't understand why all the electrical is cutting out. Pull the key hit the alarm unlock button again an sometimes the same thing happens sometimes it fires right up. Also all the gauges freeze in Place as well when electrical cuts out. It's almost as if someone was unhooking the battery as I am starting it. Runs fine when started.

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CVO 5/8/2011

Inspect the ignition switch, it may caused that problem.
For further information, visit this site via this link.


BiggRob77 9/16/2012

Update. Crazy thing with these cars. Bad wiring harness in the passenger door accordion that leads from the body into the door. A few wires pulled out of the harness and shorted out everything else completely. Apparently it's a common problem.


CVO 9/16/2012

Awesome update.SHARING INFORMATION IS POWER. Thank you.

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