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Sacred4s 6/8/2010
2008 Nissan Titan SE 8 Cyl 5.6L - Engine
"08 Titan Truck 5.6 L, Engine Power hestitate (Skip power) while accelerate up hill or speed up. No engine light ON!"
Engine Running good but lose (Hesitate to pick up speed) on Acceleration up hill or hesitate gradually picks up speed after 65. now after 45 up hill.what may cause it. I went to Dealship bee told Titan has no Fuel filter. Bummer! help. New spark plugs as well install. It only runs good when Gas tank id added with Gas treat with upper grade fuel..hesitation goes away but later comes back when gas up after 300 miles drive.
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  • bedrock
    bedrock 8/16/2010
    i would replace fuel filter first.
  • h8mel8r
    h8mel8r 8/16/2010
    catalitic converter sounds like to me

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