About AutoMD

A comprehensive online automotive repair resource designed to empower car owners with the best way to repair their vehicles.

Backed by a team of automotive data specialists and certified auto mechanics who are... Backed by a team of automotive data specialists and certified auto mechanics who are advocates for the car owner, AutoMD integrates unprecedented repair pricing transparency, easy-to-use diagnostics tools and how-to-guides, repair shop listings geo-customized for each issue and a Repair-apedia of consumer-contributed advice into a complete and unbiased online repair experience that shifts the power to consumer car owners. Read Less Read More

Repair Cost Estimates

AutoMD's Fair Price estimates are calculated for both shop repair and Do-It-Yourself, and are formulated for specificity using average labor costs for each zip code, hours to complete and AutoMD's proprietary real-time market pricing data on millions of vehicle parts - down to engine size and sub-model.

Find a Repair Shop

AutoMD's Shopfinder has a database of over 400,000 shops across the country, each assessed by AutoMD's team of service shop specialists for capabilities and hourly rates. Only shops relevant to consumers' specific repair issues and zip code are listed. Each listing includes average hourly labor costs, contact, shuttle and payment information, map and directions, and consumer reviews and ratings.

Repair Diagnosis

AutoMD's intuitive "question tree" diagnostic process was developed by its team of service shop specialists and makes it easy for car owners to narrow down each repair issue by symptom, area, visual inspection and possible reasons for the problem.


AutoMD's DIY library includes step-by-step how-to repair guides with difficulty ratings, tools needed and estimated length of time for each job, as well as 250,000 related articles, hundreds of DIY videos, and thousands of user postings from AutoMD's Repair-apedia, which is seeded by professionals and perfected by the community.

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