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201 W Virginia Ave Bessemer City, NC 28016-2374 (704) 629-4981
35.2851 -81.2861
By ed on Mon 31 January 2011

Just to let you know, we have spent way more than $600.00 at this shop for a whole list of things that needed to be done. I really don't remember their labor rate so please call for that information. My wife and I spent a lot of money throughout the Charlotte area trying to find a Mechanic that was honest, reliable and knowledgeable. we spent in excesses of Six Thousand Dollars on one car alone in 2009. The only thing we got from the so called reputable auto repair shops to the word of mouth backyard knuckle-busters was lip service and the run around ... in the end more problems than we started with. While I was commuting to Cherryville NC I came upon Virginia Avenue Auto and decided to give them a shot. The building is old and run down and I would not suggest going their dressed in your Sunday best as the place is a true blue auto repair shop complete with grease stained counters, walls and floors. This place is far removed from the squeaky clean corporate auto shops lining the streets today. However, what you ARE going to get when you go there is a bunch of good ol' boys that really know how to fix your car. Since we started using them as our Mechanic we started getting actual repairs done correctly. They have been honest, professional and every-time they quote me a price for labor and parts it's pretty much on the money accurate. I have some understanding of how engines work and was expecting to catch them exaggerating the scope of the repair as everyone else has done. Well, I recommended a former co-worker to them when his transmission failed to engage. Being that the "slave cylinder" was in the bell housing it was impossible for me to know if my suspicion were correct. These guys came back and told him it was in fact the "slave cylinder" and the clutch was fine. I am certain most other shops would have tried to sell him a new clutch. Even with the 45 minute drive from Charlotte to their shop, I will not go anywhere else. I feel kind of bad for these guys though ... since they do such a great job they are not getting as much business from me anymore as the repairs were done right. By the way, if you do use these guys (and you should) stop in at the Pharmacy down the street and check out their freshly squeezed Orange Drink ... it couldn't be any tastier.