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By Russell on Mon 30 January 2012

I tried to have warranty work done 3 times for the same problem. I have a problem with my 2009 Jeep that it shakes violently when hit a bump at highway speeds commonly known as Death Wobble. It has happened 2 times since I have owned the vehicle in the first 30,000 miles. After they "fixed" it by replacing the steering dampener, it now occurs every time I hit a bump. They were also to perform a safety recall to cut the inner wheel liner so that it will not rub the brake lines. Well they cut it alright, like an 8 year old with a jigsaw. 2nd time I took it in to clean up the hack job and they did that fine. They replace a track bar to fix the death wobble and my steering wheel was 1/4 turn off of center which engages the ESP because it thinks I am sliding sideways. I had to straighten that out myself because I was afraid they would do more harm then good. They also told me that I had to remove my 1.5" lift kit before they would do any more work. I removed the kit and am still getting the death wobble. Took it in again and they refused to give me a ride or rental car even though this is the third time I have had to miss work in order for them do work on the car. My points, they do not take care or pride in working on your car. They are just checking boxes as fast as possible. They also have seemed to find excuses to not take the car and warrant any work. Total dissatisfaction!

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