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6972 Harrisburg Pike Orient, OH 43146-9253 (614) 539-3871
By jkross on Tue 17 July 2012

We had done business with this company when it was located on rt 665, and the service was good. Wow has it gone down hill. We dropped our vehicle off on a Thursday and explained we wanted an estimate on getting the AC fixed. We knew it was leaking and already charged and dyed it twice. He said he would contact us by Monday. We waited until Tuesday and when we heard nothing, we began calling. We were told it was working and we could pick it up. Wednesday morning we picked it up, it was not fixed and we were given the keys by the lady in the office, who was very nice by the way, she had two piles of keys, ones with bills and ones without. She said they were unable to completely fix it, there is no charge or there would be a bill. She handed us our keys, we said thanks, and left. Later that day, we receive a call saying that they had fixed it and we owed them money for labor and the estimate was $750 to finish it. We said that was not true, it was not fixed, to which he cut us off and called us liars. I said I dont appreciate being called a liar, and I would bring the car back in to prove that it wasnt working. He then began adding pofanity and hung up on us. (Now many people say we shouldn't have called back, but we did) We said it was ridiculous to be spoken to like that, and he continued his little rant like a drunken sailor, instead of talking like a normal adult business person. After this incident, it took us less than about 15 minutes of web searching and a few phone calls to find out that it was not just us who have been blessed with his lovely personality, but 37 others had logged complaints about this same gentleman and his business.

By Ben Glass on Sat 21 April 2012

Never deal with Eddie. He doesn't warranty his work. We paid him $1500 to fix a rack and pinion that included an alignment. We also put new tires on at another place. After less than 2 months we were having signs of the rack and pinion having problems. We noticed our new tires were new on the outside and worn to the cords on the inside. We called Eddie and he would not do anything for us and cussed me out and hung up the phone. We took it to another mechanic and he said it had never been fixed and not aligned.

By GlenB on Thu 09 June 2011

Amazingly rude behavior by Eddie and Steve the mechanic. After my vehicle sat there for 3 weeks, I called again to see when it would be done. Steve didn't expect to get to it for another week. Due to the history of postponing this repair, my wife wanted just pick up the jeep. Steve said, "come pick up your fu**ing jeep!". We then went to go pick it up and my wife spoke with Eddie. She said that she couldn't believe his staff's behavior, then Eddie said, "Lady I don't give a sh*t. Go ahead and report me to the Better Business Bureau, because 5 more customers will pull in when you leave." I wish I was making this up, but this really did happen. You'll thank me later if you take your business elsewhere.

By egeezer on Fri 04 February 2011

The estimate was for rack and pinion replacement and flushing the power steering system.Tax and four wheel alignment was in the $660 estimate I checked with a dealer afterward and their estimate was $450 higher plus $90 extra for the alignment. Eddie had the alignment done at another shop but had only charged me what the alignment shop charged with no markup. I've had Eddie do work for me for years. His prices are much better than the dealer and he doesn't try to sell me stuff I don't need just to pad the bill. On the other hand, he's not anxious to do a shade tree repair, so if you want him to cobble something on the cheap, expect an honest disagreement. Lastly, he does things right and stands behind his work. After reading jmavis's review, I'd probably have done exactly what Eddie did if the guy got snarky with me. When guys bring their own parts to a shop, half the time they're the wrong parts or some el cheapo stuff that either doesn't fit right or is defective out of the box. The guy then blames the mechanic or expects the shop to deal with the problem parts at no cost.

By jmavis on Sun 28 November 2010

I feel compelled to write this as I have never encountered such a rude, inappropriate and downright lousy treatment in any of my consumer experiences to date. I dropped my car off at the reccomendation of a few people I know who have had him do some minor mechanical work on their vehicles (plugs/distrubutor/ fuel pump replacement etc). At first he appeared as a normal mechanic running his own shop when I dropped the car off. Upon receiving the quote for replacing my steering components (to the tune of $600) I inquired more into the parts that needed replaced. His labor charges at first appeared very reasonable (160) out of the $600 however upon asking about how much more if i brought my own parts he said substantially. I still thought this was reasonable (afterall they make money off the parts). I then said ok, this all sounds reasonable except I would like to know how much it would any less the tire since I had a full warranty against ANY type of damage that I inflict upon them through discount tire. He then became very angry claiming he doesn't have time to negotiate and to come pick up my car. Now the length of this conversation has totalled about 1 minute at this point, which I feel is nothing out of the ordinary but nevertheless, I said "ok I'll come pick it up" because clearly this was not a mechanic I wnated to deal with. Upon picking the car up I said nice doing business with you in a self-admittingly sarcastic which he responded "Up your ass" This is a 40-50 year old man who conducts business as "here is the cost, if you don't like it "up yours"...needless to say I would highly recommend looking elsewhere. As a reference the parts only cost a little under $350 for me to buy off the shelf...At $600 that leaves about a $100 markup bringing the "labor" to substantially more. I don't know how reasonable this is but it appeared so and I was willing to pay it less the tire.

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