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14260 Lee Hwy Bristol, VA 24202-4316 (276) 669-7483
By Discusted on Wed 01 August 2012

My Daughter Bought A Vehicle From Them This Year. What A Huge Mistake. Never Will She Do Business There Again. They Sell Crap, And Say They Would Put Their Own Family In The Stuff They Sell. Bull Crap. My Daughter Was Pregnant. That Didn't Matter To Them. She Had Problems With The Car Within The First Ten Days. They Kept Stalling For Time. So The 30 Day Warranty Would Be Gone. What They Did Fix Was not Right. So It Costed More Money To Fix The Lemon. Hope Someday The Lord Above Sees To It They Go Under. For Being So Dishonest. Buyers BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

By thefacts on Sun 31 October 2010

I agree with sugar .I as well did a trade with these crooks . They gave me their word if anything was wrong with the car that he would replace what was wrong . Well lo and behold it needed around 450.00 worth of work on it .I offered to pay half even after it was his place to fix it . He says he was a christian man and he dont lie but that he never said he would repair it . I just wonder how they can be christians when their in the media over stolen property on their property and they lie and rip people off that cant afford to pay high car prices and the cost to have them repaired . Your right sugar they care about noone not children or anyone else except themselves and their pockets .I am consulting an attorney now .I dont have the money to pay for one but if someone dont stand up and stop these crooked, theiving , lying so called christians then who they going to shaft the next time ? I hope they get whats coming to them in court over the stolen property and I hope it cost them everything they have . They need to be thanking the lord for the miracles in their life that we wont mention here instead of defying him with there two faced crooked lying ways ...I feel so sorry for the wife of one of them ( we wont mention his name ) ..she is truly a good woman ..she is fighting cancer and still has to put up with the crap these two are doing ..They need to thank god for this lady instead of causing her more and more greif along with the he** shes already going through You guys are truly a piece of work .. Please BEWARE of this place and take the time to look elsewhere trust me It will payoff in the end

By sugar1 on Mon 25 October 2010

Beware of these people do not buy a vechicle from them. They do not inspect there cars they just have a buddy that does inspection to slap a sticker on it. I had to spend out 500 three days after buying a vechicle from them because the ball joints were bad ,ask them to fix it and they wouldnt. What about the ssfety of children??? They dont care.....

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