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3235 Highway 17 Byp S Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-6689 (843) 293-2744
By Dissatisfied on Sat 28 July 2012

843-293-8433 - No tow fee is $30.00 & my band got charged $80.00. I called the office to inquire about it and the Dispatcher insisted that I was wrong to even question the price, dispatcher was very argumentative and compared the tow rates to taxi rates. Then the dispatcher sent me a photo of his sign, on my cell phone, which states No Tow Fees is $30 - My band's van was stuck in the sand at a local tavern. The van was not towed, only pulled out of the sand. After I got the photo of the sign I called the number for the company again, to inquire about the prices listed on the photo of their sign in their office, and I reached another man. Mind you I went through my call log and hit redial. He told me to call the office-843-293-8433. I dialed the number manually. When I did call I got a a message that says the telephone number you have dialed is out of service. How's that for customer service?

33.6879 -78.9536