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725 Fayette St Conshohocken, PA 19428-1706 (610) 397-0264
By Marc V. on Fri 17 August 2012

Total Scam Artists Here!! Never take your car here. Called to replace a part in the cooling system, which I have done in the past. It's a PITA and wanted to send it to a shop instead. The Owner quoted roughy $800.00 as he said he had to pull the motor to fix it (big lie!!!!) When I told him how to do it, he gave a normal price....... When he called to say the work was done, The 6mo old radiator suddenly had a hole in it. I am filing a complaint with the State Attorney General's Office Stay away from this place at any and all costs !!!!

By Impulsive on Fri 06 July 2012

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT take your car to this MORON! This guy does not know how to do the basic stuff. I went for state inspection and he reset all the gauges of the car. The car is showing 100% Oil life even though it was about 40% before I left the car for inspection. I went again so that he could fix it but he flatly refused. I am wondering what other problems will I confront because I took the car to local auto repair shop. Beware of him!

By Linda R. on Tue 01 May 2012

The service was wonderful. They gave me a 1 year warranty on the engine. And I've been riding smooth with no problems for the last 9-10 months.

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