’s Step-by-Step Guide to Fair Auto Repair

Most people cringe at the thought of taking their vehicle in to get fixed. No wonder: roughly 90% of consumers report they’ve personally felt overcharged with car repairs. For decades dealers and mechanics have been operating with consumers who are powerless and uninformed. Most of us certainly don’t have the time or expertise to perform our own repairs, and most of us haven’t known how to pinpoint what’s wrong upfront—or how to establish the fair price and best shop for that job.

Thankfully, that’s now changing. The online information revolution that has leveled the playing field for consumers has finally arrived for the multi-billion-dollar car repair industry.

There’s a wealth of new tools and transparent information at sites like that empower you to establish the right diagnosis—the right, fair price to pay—at the right shop. Now you’ll give the repair shop the estimate…and you’ll have the ammo to negotiate the best price.

And by “ammo” we mean empowerment: the goal of this Guide is not to provide a crash course in adversarial combat, but to provide you with the tools you need to identify the best repair shop for your needs; to keep that repair shop honest and to help you develop a long-term RELATIONSHIP with that shop—whether it’s a new shop, or a trusted shop you’ve visited for decades.

The Guide is designed as a step-by-step process. And, with a little online legwork (and a few clicks of the mouse), you’ll be armed with the information you need to potentially save hundreds on your next repair.