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Toyota RAV4 Questions and Answers

Common Toyota RAV4 Repair Questions
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2005 Toyota RAV4 Base 4Cyl 2.4L
Q: I have an loud "whirrring" noise in the rear.Does not stop if I put transmission in neutral.
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 6/21/2014
2002 Toyota RAV4 Base 4Cyl 2.0L
Q: Who damaged my 2002 RAV4's ECU connector pins?
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 6/14/2014
2001 Toyota RAV4 Base 4Cyl 2.0L
Q: I need to replace the catalytic converter and the car is from Calf. and now in Washington St. Can I use a 49 state cat?
1 Answers Engine - by Dale - Last updated 9/12/2014
2008 Toyota RAV4 Sport 6Cyl 3.5L
Q: Car makes low pitched rumbling burping sound on start. Only heard on start and car seems to run fine. Any ideas?…
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 8/24/2014
1996 Toyota RAV4 Base 4Cyl 2.0L
Q: does my toyota 1996 have a timing belt or chain?
0 Answers Engine - by brice - Last updated 4/23/2014

Toyota RAV4 Recalls

Latest Toyota RAV4 Recalls
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2008 Toyota Rav4 Equipment Recall - 10V035000
Campaign ID Number: 10V035000 Manufacturer: Gulf States Toyota, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Feb 03, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: Feb 03, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 271417 Component: Equipment
1998 Toyota Rav4 Electrical System Recall - 98E035000
Campaign ID Number: 98E035000 Manufacturer: Audiovox Corporation
Date Manufactured: Oct 20, 1998 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 19, 1998
Vehicles Affected: 1960 Component: Electrical System
2011 Toyota Rav4 Suspension Recall - 12V373000
Campaign ID Number: 12V373000 Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
Date Manufactured: Aug 02, 2012 Mfr's Report Date: Aug 02, 2012
Vehicles Affected: 780584 Component: Suspension
2010 Toyota Rav4 Vehicle Speed Control Recall - 10V017000
Campaign ID Number: 10V017000 Manufacturer: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Jan 21, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: Jan 21, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 2230661 Component: Vehicle Speed Control
2000 Toyota Rav4 Power Train Recall - 00V211000
Campaign ID Number: 00V211000 Manufacturer: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Aug 10, 2000 Mfr's Report Date: Aug 09, 2000
Vehicles Affected: 756 Component: Power Train

Toyota RAV4 TSBs

Latest Toyota RAV4 Technical Service Bulletins
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2010 Toyota Rav4 Seats Service Bulletin 322848
NHTSA Item Number: 10042555 Date of Bulletin: Sep 06, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-0122-11 Component: Seats
2002 Toyota Rav4 Vehicle Speed Control Service Bulletin 337560
NHTSA Item Number: 10045140 Date of Bulletin: Jun 13, 2012
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-0087-12 Component: Vehicle Speed Control
2009 Toyota Rav4 (pws) Service Bulletin 358143
NHTSA Item Number: 10053959 Date of Bulletin: Mar 15, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-004-13-A Component: (pws)
2011 Toyota Rav4 Suspension Service Bulletin 365448
NHTSA Item Number: 10052631 Date of Bulletin: Jun 14, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-0080-13 Component: Suspension
2008 Toyota Rav4 Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 318427
NHTSA Item Number: 10041205 Date of Bulletin: Jun 20, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-0056-11 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling