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Toyota Corolla Questions and Answers

Common Toyota Corolla Repair Questions
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2013 Toyota Corolla XLE 4Cyl 1.8L
Q: when i step into more than 120 kms in highway it becomes uncontrollable
0 Answers Engine - by shafee971 - Last updated 1/9/2015
2002 Toyota Corolla LE 4Cyl 1.8L
Q: I hear clunking sound when I roll over irregular pavement
0 Answers Engine - by Noreen Kenney - Last updated 1/1/2015
2000 Toyota Corolla LE 4Cyl 1.8L
Q: Would a bad speed sensor prevent the drive gearsfrom working ? Car goes into park, reverse and neutral just fine.
0 Answers Engine - by Trace Dennis - Last updated 1/10/2015
2007 Toyota Corolla LE 4Cyl 1.8L
Q: I was warming up my car in the car park, the engine was working, after 2 minutes suddenly stop and doesnt start
0 Answers Engine - by Gervz - Last updated 1/29/2015
2011 Toyota Corolla XLE 4Cyl 1.8L
Q: Do Toyota OEM US car parts fit Japanese model cars providing the car part numbers are the same?
1 Answers Engine - by Andrew - Last updated 12/17/2014

Toyota Corolla Recalls

Latest Toyota Corolla Recalls
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1997 Toyota Corolla Exterior Lighting Recall - 08E050000
Campaign ID Number: 08E050000 Manufacturer: K2 Motor Corporation
Date Manufactured: Aug 14, 2008 Mfr's Report Date: Aug 11, 2008
Vehicles Affected: 1921 Component: Exterior Lighting
1988 Toyota Corolla Suspension Recall - 10E002000
Campaign ID Number: 10E002000 Manufacturer: Ride Control, Llc
Date Manufactured: Feb 11, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: Feb 11, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 12657 Component: Suspension
2004 Toyota Corolla Exterior Lighting Recall - 09E012000
Campaign ID Number: 09E012000 Manufacturer: Sabersport
Date Manufactured: Apr 07, 2009 Mfr's Report Date: Apr 07, 2009
Vehicles Affected: 16270 Component: Exterior Lighting
2004 Toyota Corolla Visibility Recall - 08V162000
Campaign ID Number: 08V162000 Manufacturer: Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Apr 10, 2008 Mfr's Report Date: Apr 10, 2008
Vehicles Affected: 662178 Component: Visibility
2004 Toyota Corolla Air Bags Recall - 14V655000
Campaign ID Number: 14V655000 Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
Date Manufactured: Oct 20, 2014 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 20, 2014
Vehicles Affected: 354929 Component: Air Bags

Toyota Corolla TSBs

Latest Toyota Corolla Technical Service Bulletins
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2009 Toyota Corolla Service Brakes, Air Service Bulletin 343707
NHTSA Item Number: 10050779 Date of Bulletin: Dec 05, 2012
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-0235-12 Component: Service Brakes, Air
2010 Toyota Corolla Steering Service Bulletin 287909
NHTSA Item Number: 10034944 Date of Bulletin: Oct 07, 2010
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-0140-10 Component: Steering
2010 Toyota Corolla Structure Service Bulletin 292916
NHTSA Item Number: 10036905 Date of Bulletin: Oct 06, 2010
Service Bulletin Number: SB-0281-10 Component: Structure
2009 Toyota Corolla Electrical System Service Bulletin 303752
NHTSA Item Number: 10037885 Date of Bulletin: Jan 05, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: SB-0004-11 Component: Electrical System
2005 Toyota Corolla Seat Belts Service Bulletin 349662
NHTSA Item Number: 10051865 Date of Bulletin: Jan 03, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: TTT-0213-13 Component: Seat Belts