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Brake Pedal Sinks to the Floor

A common issue with the Prius model is its brake pedal that goes to the floor or has little pressure when it is pushed down. This signifies one of the following serious problems: air in the brake fluid, faulty master cylinder, or low brake fluid level. If the sinking brake pedal is caused by air in the brake fluid, you have to bleed the brakes to eliminate air and then add new brake fluid. If the master cylinder is the culprit, you have no choice but to replace it. View instructions on replacing the master cylinder. Check your Toyota's brake fluid level, too. If it is nearing depletion, fill it up with the correct brake fluid to the marked level. Your brake pedal may be set too low. To correct this problem, adjust the height of your brake pedal. It should be an inch higher than the gas pedal.

Steering Wheel Lock

Many Toyota owners are frustrated when they cannot turn the ignition key to start their vehicle. In most cases, this drivability issue can be solved simply by holding the steering wheel to one side. If it doesn't work, you might need to lubricate the ignition lock cylinder with graphite powder or tighten the steering column mounting bolts. Still, if these solutions don't work, you will have to replace the ignition lock cylinder. To do so, remove all the trim panels surrounding the steering wheel as well as the ignition lock assembly located in the steering column. Remove the stock ignition lock and attach the new one to the steering column. Lastly, put the trim panels back in their original place.

Faulty Power Window Switch

The trouble regarding the power window could be either on the driver's or on the passenger's side. To test the power window switch, take another switch from the window (e.g. driver's window) that works fine and then plug it into each of the passenger window. On Toyota, most power window switch problems occur at the passenger side. This calls for a window switch replacement. You can also learn how to install a new power window switch.

Sticking Gas Pedal

If the gas pedal gets stuck after you depress it, your vehicle is doomed to sudden acceleration. You don't want your car to suddenly speed down the highway since this will put your life in danger. Avoid driving your car until you are sure that it doesn't have this gas pedal issue. To detect the cause of the sticking gas pedal, remove the breather to access the cable linkages and check if the throttle has a problem. Clean the throttle with a spray cleaner if it is dirty. If the throttle is in good condition, check the gas pedal for debris that might get in the way. To be able to diagnose the gas pedal problem, disconnect the cable from the pedal. Crawl under the dashboard and check if the pedal can be moved smoothly. Also, check if the spring attached to the pedal is damaged or loose. In that case, you will need to replace the spring.


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