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Rear Brake Squeaks

High-pitched noise coming from the rear brakes, a known problem specifically in the Grand Vitara, is a sign that the vehicle badly needs brake maintenance. When the surface of the brake shoes presses against the interior surface of the brake drum, a squealing sound is produced. To reduce the squealing, you can apply a thin coat of lubricant under the tabs of the brake shoes that come into contact with the backing plate of the drum brake. Dust buildup on the brake shoes and brake drum worsens the squealing, so it helps to remove the brake dust from the shoes and drum. Damaged springs also contribute to rear brake noise, and this can be remedied by installing a new set of springs in the drum brake.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Wobbling of the steering wheel between 60 and 100 kph is a common complaint from many Jimny SUV owners. The problem, which may cause the entire car to vibrate, intensifies as the car accelerates. Bent wheels, unbalanced tires, or defective radius arm bushes may be the culprits. To fix the problem, check first the front wheels for bent areas and tire balancing or alignment issues. Refer to the instructions on how to perform a wheel alignment. If one or two of the wheels are bent, the only way out is to replace them with new wheels. You can view the step-by-step instructions on replacing wheels. If the tires are already out of balance, have them rebalanced at your local tire shop. You have to repair steering vibration troubles right away to prevent premature damage to your vehicle's steering and suspension components.

Door Handle Damage

Because they are made of plastic, the stock door handles of some Suzuki models such as Samurai and Grand Vitara can easily become brittle. Eventually, years of abuse can cause both the exterior and interior door handles to break. Fixing a broken door handle is easy-you just replace it with a new one made of durable materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. View easy replacing a door handlle steps.

Engine Oil Leaks

Most cases of oil leaks in Suzuki engines are triggered by the loosening of the front camshaft oil seal. You have to fix this problem to keep the oil from being depleted. You can correct this engine trouble by installing a new seal that has less width than the stock camshaft oil seal. Remove the front camshaft bearing cap before you install the new seal. When installing the seal, make sure that the exterior seal is flush with the surface around the seal housing bore. Also, be sure that the seal's exterior is not buried in the seal bore. Another part you must inspect is the timing belt. If it is already contaminated, it should be replaced immediately. You can also read detailed instructions on the timing belt replacement page. Once you are done with installing the seal and the timing belt, turn on the engine and check it for oil leaks.


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