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Some Scion models utilize a drive-by-wire throttle system. Because of this, many owners of such Scion units have been complaining about a slight, but noticeable, throttle response time delay. Because the system is working the way it is supposed to, the dealerships won't be responsible for fixing this delay. However, owners can turn to one of two possible options. The first is an easy fix that entails little cost: place a small rubber piece onto the plastic pedal stop using adhesive or double-sided tape. This rubber piece acts as a bump stop that pushes the pedal down, and this makes shifting smoother. The other solution is to make a ground wire kit to make idle smoother and improve throttle response.


Many Scion owners of the second-generation Scion xB, have complained of creaking noises from the the A-pillar and sometimes near the instrument panel. The fix for this problem is complicated, and owners should go to their dealerships and have their cars fixed. The solution involves locating the spot welds at the rear of the front apron and punching "dimples" parallel to the two spot welds. The process is extensive and requires removal of many components as well as the outer sheet metal of the apron, so unless you're an experienced mechanic with the proper tools, better let the dealership (if your Scion's still under warranty) or the repairmen handle this one.


One persistent problem with certain Scion units are windshields that crack due to stress. This problem could be related to issues similar to the A-pillar problem, which might be causing undue body flex around the area. Otherwise, there are other sources of body flex or stress that lead to the cracked windshields. One solution would be to keep replacing the broken windshields, but this involves a lot of money if you have to do it constantly. You can go to your dealer or to a repair shop and see if there are any structural factors affecting the windshields and if these issues can be fixed.

Water Pump

Some Scion models,primarily the xB and the tC, have a tendency to have leaky water pumps. One common symptom is a pink line on the hood liner, which is caused by coolant leaking onto the belts. Other common signs include coolant constantly running low and coolant sprays in places such as the AC line. The best solution is to replace the faulty water pump.

Paint Chipping

While this issue may be purely cosmetic, that doesn't mean it is any less irritating. Many Scion owners have been complaining about the overall quality of the paint jobs on their vehicles. This affects different parts of the body, but it seems to be most prevalent around the hood area. The degree varies from one to another, with some reporting paint chipping and bubbling despite lack of contact with road debris. A good preventive measure is to apply a layer of quality automotive clearcoat before anything chips. Once the damage is done, however, repainting is the best option.

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