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TOP 4 Saab Problems


Troubles with in/ out sensors, shift solenoid C malfunction and ignition lock-up.

These are often caused by the breakdown of sensors and wiring.

EASY FIX: Get transmission sensors (they're quite inexpensive) and install them yourself under the battery. For ignition lock-ups, check the wiring harness. See if it can be repaired. If not, have it replaced. Ignition lock-ups happen when, as one inserts the key, wrong signals are sent to the system, often caused by bad wiring. Replacing the starter solenoid won't do any good if the wiring is bad. The wires will simply build up static over time, one that will, again, end up frying the solenoid.

Electrical: Dead Batteries

EASY FIX: Check the part number on the radiator fan time-delay relay. Models with relay numbers 95 63 339 are prone to sticking closed. This makes the fan run longer than the 10 minute cool-down period, causing the battery to discharge. Better replace the part with an 85 22 10.

On average, batteries are good for 3-5 years. This is in average climates. But in places where extreme heat or cold are felt, batteries could only go up to 2-3 years before they die out. Remember to pick out a replacement battery that has a CCA rating (cold cranking amps) that is about the same or even higher than your old battery. Also, it must belong to the same "group size' to ensure that the battery tray and cable connections will match. Fit is everything.

Check if the alternator is working fine too. If not, replace it. This part can last up to 3-4 years but only with careful use. Power demands on a car's charging system (headlight use, playing cd players, charging your cell phones, lap tops and Ipods in the car, etc) often shorten its lifespan to a mere 1-2 years.

Slow to No Starter Motor Crank

EASY FIX: Find out how the car's battery is doing. Check the car's battery voltage. Saab models like the SR15X, SR17X, SR68X and SR78X require a minimum of 7 volts for the starter solenoid to get going. Also inspect the cable connections. Replace frayed or worn parts. Ensure the proper placement of starter heat shields.

If the car still cranks slow, there may not be enough voltage getting to the starter. Time to put in a starter relay kit to ensure that proper voltage reaches the starter.


PROBLEM: Frequent buildup of water, slush, and road salt on front brakes and hamper stopping ability on some of the 1993 models.

EASY FIX: Check brake shields for wear. If the brake shields are fine, then the design of the brake shields must be the problem. Install improved brake shields to fix this.

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