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The breakdown of plastic parts in the power window pulley system often contributes to the car's problematic power window settings. However, GM dealers only offer to replace the window mechanism, refusing to replace one or two of the small, broken parts.

EASY FIX: Find a replacement part in a salvage yard. If this is not possible, you may have to replace the entire power window assembly already.


A cracked intake manifold gasket is often the cause of a coolant leak. For most Pontiac models, the coolant GM uses reacts negatively with the intake manifold gasket, causing the gasket to leak.

EASY FIX: Replace your old parts with new, updated ones. A number of the newer models now use improved intake manifold gaskets. The updated material of these manifold gaskets makes it possible for the coolant to react less aggressively, preventing premature wear and leaks.

Manifold Gasket

Other manifold gasket problems like excessive noise could also be the result of worn-out exhaust manifold gaskets.

EASY FIX: At this point, a thorough inspection of the system is recommended to check for less obvious defects. With the engine running, start at the pipes, down to the mufflers and tailpipes. While the inspection is going on, keep an ear out for indications of leaks. Hissing sounds are prime indicators of leaks in the system. Check the gasket manifolds for rust or cracks. The gasket joint between the manifold and engine must also be looked into to ensure there is no leakage.

Also, keep an eye out for broken or damaged joints or brackets. Replace all you find. Repairing these parts will only compromise the car's road performance. If there are parts heavy with, or areas that have been thinned out, by severe rust or corrosion as well as with holes, these parts too better go. Also replace any leaking seams, cracked pipes and improper patches.

Electrical PROBLEMS

A common electrical problem based on customer complaints is start-up failure.

EASY FIX: If the car won't start, find the source of the problem. One place to begin your systems-check is at the air conditioning drain box. See if it is working properly. If blocked, it could mean there is excess fluid that most likely overflows and drips into the body control module of the system, the unit responsible for controlling all functions in the interior of the car. Parts are corroded by moisture, not to mention voltages that no longer match carmaker specs. All these can cause the PassLock sensor to engage, shutting down the ignition. An easy fix for this is to wrap the leaking part of the body control module with electrical tape to keep the water out. Also, the hole must be kept unclogged. Try using a piece of wire to do this.

Anti-Theft Password

Many Pontiac car owners often find their anti-theft password-protected system tripped for no reason.

EASY FIX: If you still hit some snags with the car's passlock theft deterrent system, you could have a defective body control module that needs to be replaced.


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