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Nissan Frontier Questions and Answers

Common Nissan Frontier Repair Questions
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2001 Nissan Frontier XE 4Cyl 2.4L
Q: How to change a/c line from evaporator to drier
0 Answers Engine - by Rich - Last updated 5/18/2014
2007 Nissan Frontier SE 6Cyl 4.0L
Q: abs, anti slip warning lights came and at the same time the 4 wheel drive won't engage.
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 3/25/2014
1998 Nissan Frontier XE 4Cyl 2.4L
Q: What do I do if I purchased my vehicle from another person who bought it from the dealership? Am I still covered?
2 Answers Engine - by tkbrowneye - Last updated 3/22/2011
2004 Nissan Frontier XE 4Cyl 2.4L
Q: Fan stopped. AC works
0 Answers Engine - by Johpal - Last updated 10/13/2014
2005 Nissan Frontier Nismo Off-Road 6Cyl 4.0L
Q: My truck making humming noise after I change the oil.
1 Answers Engine - by pjaictin - Last updated 4/17/2014

Nissan Frontier Recalls

Latest Nissan Frontier Recalls
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2009 Nissan Frontier Suspension Recall - 10E019000
Campaign ID Number: 10E019000 Manufacturer: Nissan North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: May 21, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: May 20, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 1873 Component: Suspension
2003 Nissan Frontier Fuel System, Gasoline Recall - 04V230000
Campaign ID Number: 04V230000 Manufacturer: Nissan North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: May 24, 2004 Mfr's Report Date: May 24, 2004
Vehicles Affected: 586196 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
2002 Nissan Frontier Suspension Recall - 02V299000
Campaign ID Number: 02V299000 Manufacturer: Nissan North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Nov 19, 2002 Mfr's Report Date: Nov 12, 2002
Vehicles Affected: 143000 Component: Suspension
2005 Nissan Frontier Engine And Engine Cooling Recall - 10V517000
Campaign ID Number: 10V517000 Manufacturer: Nissan North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Oct 28, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 28, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 747480 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
2012 Nissan Frontier Suspension Recall - 12V462000
Campaign ID Number: 12V462000 Manufacturer: Nissan North America, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Sep 20, 2012 Mfr's Report Date: Sep 20, 2012
Vehicles Affected: 2417 Component: Suspension

Nissan Frontier TSBs

Latest Nissan Frontier Technical Service Bulletins
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2010 Nissan Frontier Vehicle Speed Control Service Bulletin 351712
NHTSA Item Number: 10051768 Date of Bulletin: Apr 04, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: NTB13-039 Component: Vehicle Speed Control
2014 Nissan Frontier Electrical System Service Bulletin 369921
NHTSA Item Number: 10054095 Date of Bulletin: Mar 05, 2014
Service Bulletin Number: NTB-13-106 Component: Electrical System
2013 Nissan Frontier Tires Service Bulletin 373006
NHTSA Item Number: 10054527 Date of Bulletin: Sep 26, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: NTB-13-088 Component: Tires
2005 Nissan Frontier Exterior Lighting Service Bulletin 269464
NHTSA Item Number: 10032306 Date of Bulletin: Nov 27, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: NTB-03-074-C Component: Exterior Lighting
2013 Nissan Frontier Latches/locks/linkages Service Bulletin 352973
NHTSA Item Number: 10051767 Date of Bulletin: Apr 03, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: NTB-13-038 Component: Latches/locks/linkages