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Jaguar XJ Recalls

Latest Jaguar XJ Recalls
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2006 Jaguar Xj Visibility Recall - 06V018000
Campaign ID Number: 06V018000 Manufacturer: Jaguar Cars Ltd
Date Manufactured: Jan 25, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Jan 25, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 2675 Component: Visibility
2013 Jaguar Xj Electrical System Recall - 14V292000
Campaign ID Number: 14V292000 Manufacturer: Jaguar Land Rover North America, Llc
Date Manufactured: Jun 02, 2014 Mfr's Report Date: Jun 02, 2014
Vehicles Affected: 70 Component: Electrical System
2014 Jaguar Xj Suspension Recall - 14V157000
Campaign ID Number: 14V157000 Manufacturer: Jaguar Land Rover North America, Llc
Date Manufactured: Apr 03, 2014 Mfr's Report Date: Mar 31, 2014
Vehicles Affected: 297 Component: Suspension
1970 Jaguar Xj Electrical System Recall - 72V094000
Campaign ID Number: 72V094000 Manufacturer: Jaguar Cars
Date Manufactured: Oct 12, 1979 Mfr's Report Date: Apr 26, 1972
Vehicles Affected: 4378 Component: Electrical System
2011 Jaguar Xj Visibility Recall - 10V578000
Campaign ID Number: 10V578000 Manufacturer: Jaguar Land Rover North America, Llc
Date Manufactured: Nov 19, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: Nov 12, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 6475 Component: Visibility

Jaguar XJ TSBs

Latest Jaguar XJ Technical Service Bulletins
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2009 Jaguar Xj Latches/locks/linkages Service Bulletin 328089
NHTSA Item Number: 10043512 Date of Bulletin: Apr 01, 2012
Service Bulletin Number: SSM-55537 Component: Latches/locks/linkages
9999 Jaguar Xj Fuel System, Gasoline Service Bulletin 350268
NHTSA Item Number: 10051872 Date of Bulletin: Mar 01, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: SSM-63697 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
2008 Jaguar Xj Suspension Service Bulletin 360214
NHTSA Item Number: 10052609 Date of Bulletin: May 31, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: SB-6-202 Component: Suspension
2009 Jaguar Xj Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 320932
NHTSA Item Number: 10041724 Date of Bulletin: Oct 01, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: SSM-46817 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
2014 Jaguar Xj Electrical System Service Bulletin 374130
NHTSA Item Number: 10055757 Date of Bulletin: Feb 25, 2014
Service Bulletin Number: 6-220 Component: Electrical System