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Ford Probe Questions and Answers

Common Ford Probe Repair Questions
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1994 Ford Probe SE 4Cyl 2.0L
Q: on a long distance car was A1
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 5/30/2014
1995 Ford Probe Base 4Cyl 2.0L
Q: cause of chronic stalling??
0 Answers Engine - by ProbeOwner - Last updated 10/2/2014
1993 Ford Probe GT 6Cyl 2.5L
Q: my probe will run when you push om the gas but wont idle by itself
1 Answers Engine - by gusgus89 - Last updated 3/22/2011

Ford Probe Recalls

Latest Ford Probe Recalls
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1992 Ford Probe Seat Belts Recall - 96V172002
Campaign ID Number: 96V172002 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date Manufactured: Feb 05, 1997 Mfr's Report Date: Sep 06, 1996
Vehicles Affected: 224000 Component: Seat Belts
1990 Ford Probe Vehicle Speed Control Recall - 89V159000
Campaign ID Number: 89V159000 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date Manufactured: Sep 28, 1989 Mfr's Report Date: Sep 25, 1989
Vehicles Affected: 2900 Component: Vehicle Speed Control
1996 Ford Probe Fuel System, Gasoline Recall - 05E065000
Campaign ID Number: 05E065000 Manufacturer: Spx Filtran
Date Manufactured: Oct 06, 2005 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 05, 2005
Vehicles Affected: 42962 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
1996 Ford Probe Exterior Lighting Recall - 06E026000
Campaign ID Number: 06E026000 Manufacturer: Pro-a Motors, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Mar 23, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Mar 23, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 61944 Component: Exterior Lighting
1993 Ford Probe Exterior Lighting Recall - 06E065000
Campaign ID Number: 06E065000 Manufacturer: Aj Motorsport
Date Manufactured: Jul 17, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Jul 17, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 3593 Component: Exterior Lighting

Ford Probe TSBs

Latest Ford Probe Technical Service Bulletins
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1996 Ford Probe Power Train Service Bulletin 348732
NHTSA Item Number: 6090198 Date of Bulletin: Nov 29, 1999
Service Bulletin Number: 99249 Component: Power Train
1994 Ford Probe Power Train Service Bulletin 65467
NHTSA Item Number: 612203 Date of Bulletin: Jan 10, 2000
Service Bulletin Number: 0015 Component: Power Train
1996 Ford Probe Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 108077
NHTSA Item Number: 630515 Date of Bulletin: Dec 10, 2001
Service Bulletin Number: 01246 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
1994 Ford Probe Power Train Service Bulletin 88427
NHTSA Item Number: 620232 Date of Bulletin: May 01, 2001
Service Bulletin Number: 14936 Component: Power Train
1995 Ford Probe Visibility Service Bulletin 95300
NHTSA Item Number: 623944 Date of Bulletin: Aug 06, 2001
Service Bulletin Number: 01156 Component: Visibility