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Ford F-250 Questions and Answers

Common Ford F-250 Repair Questions
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1985 Ford F-250 XLT Lariat 8Cyl 7.5L
Q: engine idles rough but smooths out on acceleration
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 4/19/2014
1980 Ford F-250 Custom 8Cyl 5.8L
Q: I have a 1977 ford f250
0 Answers Engine - by kennethkensandy - Last updated 6/15/2014
1989 Ford F-250 XLT Lariat 8Cyl 7.5L
Q: What A/C oil do I use in A/C compressor REPF191105
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 4/29/2014
1980 Ford F-250 Ranger 6Cyl 4.9L
Q: wont start, has new battery, just clicks and then grinds when trying to start
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 7/9/2014
1989 Ford F-250 Custom 8Cyl 7.3L
Q: My truck won't go over 20 miles an hour it back fires n sputters like a chip chop train as well as when I go to take off
0 Answers Engine - by tomtom - Last updated 3/13/2014

Ford F-250 Recalls

Latest Ford F-250 Recalls
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1997 Ford F-250 Exterior Lighting Recall - 06E067000
Campaign ID Number: 06E067000 Manufacturer: Maxzone Auto Parts Corporation
Date Manufactured: Aug 01, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Aug 01, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 19413 Component: Exterior Lighting
2000 Ford F-250 Exterior Lighting Recall - 06E049000
Campaign ID Number: 06E049000 Manufacturer: Ck Motorsport, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Jun 05, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: May 24, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 27176 Component: Exterior Lighting
1999 Ford F-250 Exterior Lighting Recall - 09E025000
Campaign ID Number: 09E025000 Manufacturer: Dope, Inc.
Date Manufactured: May 11, 2009 Mfr's Report Date: May 11, 2009
Vehicles Affected: 42540 Component: Exterior Lighting
1999 Ford F-250 Vehicle Speed Control Recall - 05V388000
Campaign ID Number: 05V388000 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date Manufactured: Sep 07, 2005 Mfr's Report Date: Sep 07, 2005
Vehicles Affected: 4500000 Component: Vehicle Speed Control
1998 Ford F-250 Exterior Lighting Recall - 06E052000
Campaign ID Number: 06E052000 Manufacturer: Sabry Lee, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Jun 12, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Jun 12, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 14616 Component: Exterior Lighting

Ford F-250 TSBs

Latest Ford F-250 Technical Service Bulletins
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2008 Ford F-250 Fuel System, Gasoline Service Bulletin 232313
NHTSA Item Number: 10024824 Date of Bulletin: Mar 01, 2008
Service Bulletin Number: 08-4-12 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
2011 Ford F-250 Power Train Service Bulletin 287332
NHTSA Item Number: 10034714 Date of Bulletin: Apr 08, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: CSP-10B17 Component: Power Train
2011 Ford F-250 Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 313035
NHTSA Item Number: 10039132 Date of Bulletin: Nov 09, 2010
Service Bulletin Number: TSB-10-22-9 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
2009 Ford F-250 Equipment Service Bulletin 317721
NHTSA Item Number: 10040784 Date of Bulletin: Sep 01, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: ER-2011-001P Component: Equipment
2009 Ford F-250 Electrical System Service Bulletin 312065
NHTSA Item Number: 10039053 Date of Bulletin: Mar 01, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: AS-21769 Component: Electrical System
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