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Ford Aspire Recalls

Latest Ford Aspire Recalls
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1994 Ford Aspire Fuel System, Gasoline Recall - 94V186000
Campaign ID Number: 94V186000 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date Manufactured: Oct 18, 1994 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 04, 1994
Vehicles Affected: 26700 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
1994 Ford Aspire Equipment Recall - 94V141000
Campaign ID Number: 94V141000 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company
Date Manufactured: Aug 17, 1994 Mfr's Report Date: Aug 01, 1994
Vehicles Affected: 599 Component: Equipment

Ford Aspire TSBs

Latest Ford Aspire Technical Service Bulletins
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1996 Ford Aspire Equipment Service Bulletin 126816
NHTSA Item Number: 6090087 Date of Bulletin: Sep 20, 1999
Service Bulletin Number: 99196 Component: Equipment
1994 Ford Aspire Electrical System Service Bulletin 44309
NHTSA Item Number: 604059 Date of Bulletin: Dec 07, 1998
Service Bulletin Number: 98246 Component: Electrical System
1996 Ford Aspire Power Train Service Bulletin 56941
NHTSA Item Number: 608431 Date of Bulletin: Jul 26, 1999
Service Bulletin Number: 99152 Component: Power Train
1996 Ford Aspire Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 35777
NHTSA Item Number: 601312 Date of Bulletin: Mar 30, 1998
Service Bulletin Number: 9864 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
1994 Ford Aspire Visibility Service Bulletin 95002
NHTSA Item Number: 623944 Date of Bulletin: Aug 06, 2001
Service Bulletin Number: 01156 Component: Visibility