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Dodge Durango Questions and Answers

Common Dodge Durango Repair Questions
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2002 Dodge Durango SLT 8Cyl 4.7L
Q: Overheating, car shuts off, wont restart
2 Answers Engine - by lilmissladie - Last updated 4/1/2014
1999 Dodge Durango SLT 8Cyl 5.2L
Q: where are lower screw(s) holding radiator if there are any - 318/no aux toc
1 Answers Engine - by AutoMD User - leon - Last updated 3/17/2014
2003 Dodge Durango SXT 8Cyl 5.9L
Q: I was driving and the car made a rattle like a aluminum pan and cut off in traffic. Followed by smoking from under hood
2 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 3/12/2014
1999 Dodge Durango SLT Plus 8Cyl 5.9L
Q: What is causing the CKP sensor to fail
2 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 3/26/2014
1999 Dodge Durango SLT 8Cyl 5.2L
Q: your videos don't work on MAC computers
1 Answers Engine - by AutoMD User - leon - Last updated 3/18/2014

Dodge Durango Recalls

Latest Dodge Durango Recalls
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2011 Dodge Durango Service Brakes Recall - 14V154000
Campaign ID Number: 14V154000 Manufacturer: Chrysler Group Llc
Date Manufactured: Apr 01, 2014 Mfr's Report Date: Apr 01, 2014
Vehicles Affected: 644354 Component: Service Brakes
2001 Dodge Durango Power Train Recall - 07V555000
Campaign ID Number: 07V555000 Manufacturer: Chrysler Llc
Date Manufactured: Dec 11, 2007 Mfr's Report Date: Dec 04, 2007
Vehicles Affected: 576418 Component: Power Train
2003 Dodge Durango Visibility Recall - 04V216000
Campaign ID Number: 04V216000 Manufacturer: Daimlerchrysler Corporation
Date Manufactured: May 10, 2004 Mfr's Report Date: May 05, 2004
Vehicles Affected: 320188 Component: Visibility
1998 Dodge Durango Service Brakes, Hydraulic Recall - 06E022000
Campaign ID Number: 06E022000 Manufacturer: Brake Parts, Inc.
Date Manufactured: Mar 13, 2006 Mfr's Report Date: Mar 13, 2006
Vehicles Affected: 7440 Component: Service Brakes, Hydraulic
2003 Dodge Durango Exterior Lighting Recall - 02V322000
Campaign ID Number: 02V322000 Manufacturer: Daimlerchrysler Corporation
Date Manufactured: Dec 10, 2002 Mfr's Report Date: Dec 02, 2002
Vehicles Affected: 3640 Component: Exterior Lighting

Dodge Durango TSBs

Latest Dodge Durango Technical Service Bulletins
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2006 Dodge Durango Fuel System, Gasoline Service Bulletin 351812
NHTSA Item Number: 10051769 Date of Bulletin: Jan 30, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: SB-14-002-13 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
2007 Dodge Durango Tires Service Bulletin 220213
NHTSA Item Number: 10021247 Date of Bulletin: Oct 04, 2006
Service Bulletin Number: 2200406 Component: Tires
2009 Dodge Durango Equipment Service Bulletin 306199
NHTSA Item Number: 10038196 Date of Bulletin: Feb 01, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: K38 Component: Equipment
2006 Dodge Durango Engine And Engine Cooling Service Bulletin 230031
NHTSA Item Number: 10024083 Date of Bulletin: Jan 08, 2008
Service Bulletin Number: 2500108 Component: Engine And Engine Cooling
2006 Dodge Durango Power Train Service Bulletin 220011
NHTSA Item Number: 10021239 Date of Bulletin: Aug 25, 2006
Service Bulletin Number: 0803006 Component: Power Train
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