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Acura RL Questions and Answers

Common Acura RL Repair Questions
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1997 Acura RL Premium 6Cyl 3.5L
Q: What could be sounding like its trying to adjust something?
0 Answers Engine - by Shae - Last updated 8/26/2014
2000 Acura RL Premium 6Cyl 3.5L
Q: programming remote...follow procedure...doors cycle...but remote does not work. Used two remotes, new batteries
0 Answers Engine - by - Last updated 4/16/2014

Acura RL Recalls

Latest Acura RL Recalls
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2005 Acura Rl Fuel System, Gasoline Recall - 07V097000
Campaign ID Number: 07V097000 Manufacturer: Honda (american Honda Motor Co.)
Date Manufactured: Mar 14, 2007 Mfr's Report Date: Mar 14, 2007
Vehicles Affected: 166561 Component: Fuel System, Gasoline
2005 Acura Rl Service Brakes, Hydraulic Recall - 10V504000
Campaign ID Number: 10V504000 Manufacturer: Honda (american Honda Motor Co.)
Date Manufactured: Oct 22, 2010 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 22, 2010
Vehicles Affected: 471820 Component: Service Brakes, Hydraulic
1996 Acura Rl Suspension Recall - 99V069000
Campaign ID Number: 99V069000 Manufacturer: American Honda Motor Co.
Date Manufactured: May 10, 1999 Mfr's Report Date: May 10, 1999
Vehicles Affected: 124875 Component: Suspension
2005 Acura Rl Traction Control System Recall - 13V092000
Campaign ID Number: 13V092000 Manufacturer: Honda (american Honda Motor Co.)
Date Manufactured: Mar 14, 2013 Mfr's Report Date: Mar 14, 2013
Vehicles Affected: 183576 Component: Traction Control System
2006 Acura Rl Steering Recall - 07V551000
Campaign ID Number: 07V551000 Manufacturer: Honda (american Honda Motor Co.)
Date Manufactured: Dec 04, 2007 Mfr's Report Date: Dec 04, 2007
Vehicles Affected: 43200 Component: Steering

Acura RL TSBs

Latest Acura RL Technical Service Bulletins
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2008 Acura Rl Tires Service Bulletin 300638
NHTSA Item Number: 10037486 Date of Bulletin: Nov 01, 2010
Service Bulletin Number: SB-0708 Component: Tires
2001 Acura Rl Equipment Service Bulletin 234888
NHTSA Item Number: 10025524 Date of Bulletin: May 31, 2008
Service Bulletin Number: 08-026 Component: Equipment
2012 Acura Rl Wheels Service Bulletin 362136
NHTSA Item Number: 10052433 Date of Bulletin: May 01, 2013
Service Bulletin Number: ASN: 1305 Component: Wheels
2005 Acura Rl Structure Service Bulletin 313769
NHTSA Item Number: 10039280 Date of Bulletin: Jul 07, 2011
Service Bulletin Number: SB-08-059 Component: Structure
2006 Acura Rl Electrical System Service Bulletin 326586
NHTSA Item Number: 10043249 Date of Bulletin: Jan 12, 2012
Service Bulletin Number: SB-12-001 Component: Electrical System