1984 Chevrolet K30 Recalls

Be aware of recent 1984 Chevrolet K30 recalls to always be safe on the road.

Recent 1984 Chevrolet K30

  • 1984 Chevrolet K30 Equipment Recall 07E088000

    Campaign Number: 07E088000 Manufacturer: Honeywell International, Inc.

    Date Manufactured: Oct 30, 2007 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 24, 2007

    Vehicles Affected: 121680 Component: Equipment

  • 1984 Chevrolet K30 Wheels Recall 84V136000

    Campaign Number: 84V136000 Manufacturer: General Motors Corp.

    Date Manufactured: Nov 20, 1984 Mfr's Report Date: Oct 26, 1984

    Vehicles Affected: 305 Component: Wheels

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