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Belle Tire Brighton

By kmalb on Wed 05 February 2014

START BY HAVING SOME INTEGRITY. I went in and asked for new tires and brake pads. I also explained that I had been to another repair shop and they had said I needed $4000 worth of work for my 60,000 mile check up and KNEW that was wrong. New tires no question about it. But when your mechanic started work on my brakes and saw that there was 15-20% wear on the front and 20-25% on the back brakes (this is typed on my invoice) I really think a phone call would have been in order. YOU are the car repair experts, look for another reason the customer thinks this repair is necessary and CALL and tell them they are in error and that something else is/could be the problem. I intend to copy this review to every rating website I can find.