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drcuda 3/23/2011
2002 Honda Civic LX 4Cyl1.7L - Engine
warm or cold, when I pull up to a stop and the rpm's drop below 1000 the engine will shudder/stumble and either die or-
idle, adjusting the valves helped. veh has 128K miles. after replacing timing belt it does not happen as often. mainly just stumbles at idle, rpm drops to 450 then comes back to normal.
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  • decrepitbirth
    decrepitbirth 3/23/2011
    check your spark plug connections and feel if the exhaust is coming out in an even manner, if it doesnt feel completely even you may have a wiring problem or a bad connection in your engine somewhere.hope i helped somewhat
  • david
    david 3/24/2011
    clean throd body and idle up
  • Pepe
    Pepe 3/31/2014
    You probably have a vacuum leak, a bad tps or maf sensor.

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