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Vernon Rexford
Vernon ... 1/26/2012
2002 Hyundai Santa Fe LX 6Cyl2.7L - Steering & Suspension
When we turn on both the right and left front, we are getting a knocking, very irritating...what can this be?
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  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 1/26/2012
    It is likely that one or both front drive axles have to be replaced.
    Vernon Rexford 1/27/2012
    Shouldn't this knocking be something like a u joint, bearing or something of that nature?
  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 1/27/2012
    Well I can just tell you from experience that this described symptom you detailed; a knocking sound while in a turn, is a classic symptom of a bad outer CV joint on at least one drive axle. If the knocking seems louder while accelerating slightly while still in the turn, it firther confirms the bad CV joint, however, a bad front wheel bearing is also a possibility, but when bearings go bad the described symptom is usually a rubbing sound as soon as the steering wheel is turned slightly (like when changing lanes).
  • jimmy
    jimmy 1/24/2013
    I agree with House Call Auto who answered previsously, sounds like cv-axles. Not very difficult, but be careful who you get to repair it. Axles cost from 60-90$ each at autozone, I would suggest replacing both at once, to keep from having to do it again anytime soon.

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