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Richard Liekweg
Richar ... 1/4/2011
2010 Dodge Challenger SE 6Cyl3.5L - Engine
the thermostat housing is not working properly and has been replaced twice by dealer.
My car is brand new and has 200 miles on it.The temp gauge would not move and this caused the electronic throtal control light to react and come on with the check engine light and no other warning lights came on.After bringing it to auto zone to have the code read they told me it was showing a coolant problemThis started happining when it was cold out under 20 degrees and happend on the way to work while driving approximately 2 miles.It was brought to the dealer and I let them know what I did and they replaced the thermostat and gave me the car back.The very next night same thing happend again.So I brought it back again and this time theDealer states that the thermostat housing keeps getting pulled up out of place so this time they siliconed it to keep it in place. Is this acceptable on a new car ?
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  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn 1/4/2011
    if the thermostat housing is getting pulled out of place then someone forgot at least 2 bolts. i think you may need to ask them again what happened because the housing is bolted on. nonetheless no this is not acceptable on a brand new vehicle as the thermostat controls flow of coolant and could,even worse, overheat and shorten the life of a brand new engine
    NO but from what i am reading on your question you said the dealer states that the thermostat housing keeps getting pulled up out of place sounds like they striped the threads on the intake manifold I WOULD BRING IT BACK AND MAKE THEM LOOK AT IT REAL GOOD AND IF I AM RIGHT I WOULD MAKE THEM REPLACE THE MANIFOLD WITH A NEW ONE ............P.S IF IT IS STRIPED DON'T LET THEM TALKING YOU INTO REPAIRING IT I WOULD WANT NEW AND NOTHING LESS!!!!!!....................good luck
    James Vaughn 1/4/2011
    amen. do not let them talk you into a repair. nothing less than new would do.

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