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02 camry v6 07712
02 ... 3/19/2010
2002 Toyota Camry LE 6Cyl3.0L - Engine
Would sugar n ur tank stop ur car from running n then allow it to start back up
My car runs great and then when i hit the gas it shuts off. But it starts back up. I just replaced the alternator n Battery. I recently broke up with an X & its rumored that she put sugar n my tank..... would sugar n da tank cause a car to stall n then start back up??/?
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  • Mike
    Mike 4/24/2010
    If sugar is in the tank, then it could affect the fuel pump and injectors. So the answer is yes. Sounds like you need to confirm the rumor.
  • Bob
    Bob 8/11/2010
    i have the same fear. wanted to know if mike found the answer to his question? and what did he have to do for repairs?

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