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ryanjc ... 1/28/2013
2007 Lexus ES350 Base 6Cyl3.5L - Engine
Start Problem - 2007 Lexus ES350 fails to start 1 out of 6 starts. Ie I can start the car normally 80 percent of time
I have noticed within the past few weeks, that about
1 out of every 5-6 times I press the start button, while pushing the tries to start, but fails.
Again, this does not happen every time,
and could not be duplicated when I took it in.
The battery tested OK.
One other interesting note to add:
I have a police radar detector, which can
measure a vehicle's voltage. Mine rages
from 13.2 - 13.8
I have noticed this because my detector
only seems to work when it indicates a lower
level voltage reading ie 12.5) It completely
stops detecting when it is within the 13 range
Thanks for any help / feedback/advise you may have
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