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mac1343 4/1/2010
1991 Ford F-150 XL 8Cyl5.8L - Engine
spins, but won't crank. Fire to coil, but not out. Replaced module & coil.
Fine when parked, next day only spins. Tried on both tanks in case gauge was wrong.
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  • Jack
    Jack 7/13/2010
    What condition is the cap annd rotor in? Had problem with son's '93 f-150 and took it to 4 different shops including Ford.Why no one could find the problem is just short of unbelievable. The cap and rotor "looked o.k." but had too much gap. Bought a $20.00 Excel igniton cap and rotor, amazing difference. The truck would start but cut out and bucked pulling hills. Weak spark due to shot cap. Jack

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