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  • Josie
    Josie - 2001 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 9/24/2011
    What tempeture does it need to reach before fan starts
    147,000 mi gadge registered almost hot girgles relay switch repair
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  • nic-kiwi
    nic-kiwi - 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon - Preventive Maintenance - 9/13/2011
    Wanting to change im oil
    I have jusy brought my van, I am wanting to change the oil. Im a novice when it comes to cars but very eager to learn. what do I need to change my oil, filter wise and what type of oil ?
    • Bill
      9/13/2011 Bill
      Go to autozone website. Mileage and condition of engine will help determine type of oil. Use a WIX oil filter.
      A good parts store can help you with this.
      9/14/2011 nic-kiwi
      its on its second motor with 55,000 miles auto transmission
      9/21/2011 Bill
      I'd use Castrol Edge 20-40W if me. My 145,000 mile vehicle goes and goes on this stuff, remember the WIX oil filter.
  • Gina
    Gina - 2001 Volkswagen Cabrio - Preventive Maintenance - 9/8/2011
    Is there a way to disable the alarm on a 2001 VW cabrio
    When starting the car, the alarm goes off. Have to turn car off to shut off alarm by removing key from ignition and turning key in door lock
  • rebecca roesner
    rebecca roesner - 2001 Volkswagen Golf - Preventive Maintenance - 8/26/2011
    How do i find out if my preticular vechile is under recall by the vin number?
    it seems fine but have been told to change the drivetrain on the front drivers side
    • Spoon Sports
      8/26/2011 Spoon Sports
      Write down your vehicle's VIN. Contact the nearest dealer for the brand of automobile you have. Ask to speak to the service department. Give the service adviser your VIN and ask if any recalls have been issued on your vehicle. Dealerships have up-to-the-minute data on recalls issued by manufacturers.

      Make the arrangements to bring the vehicle into the dealership if a recall has been issued. If no recall has been issued, thank the adviser for their assistance.

      Thats what i did, a lot easier dont you think?
    • yboy82
    • yboy82
      8/26/2011 yboy82
      Try to check the Recall below for your vehicle.

      2001 Volkswagen Golf Suspension Recall 00V280000
      NHTSA: Action Number: N/A Service Bulletin Number: 00V280000

      Report Date:
      Sep 20, 2000Component:
      SuspensionPotential Units Affected:
      Volkswagen Of America,inc

      Summary: Vehicle description: passenger vehicles. One of two brackets used to bolt the front suspension control arm in front of the vehicle to the body structure may not have been welded sufficiently.

      Consequence: The control arm could gradually loosen and ultimately separate from its bracket in normal driving which could cause the vehicle to be difficult to control or result in loss of control. As the bracket loosens, loud metallic knocking sounds in from the vehicle will be heard.

      Remedy: Dealers will inspect the bracket and if the welding is insufficient, will replace the control arm.

      Notes: Owner notification began september 15, 2000. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact volkswagen at 1-800-822-8987. Also contact the national highway traffic safety administration's auto safety hotline at 1-888-dash-2-dot (1-888-327-4236).
  • don
    don - 1995 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 8/25/2011
    How do i no if my heater core is bad
    • Bill
      8/25/2011 Bill
      In most cases it will start leaking inside at passenger front, near firewall and carpet will get wet.
  • Canopr360
    Canopr360 - 1998 Volkswagen Golf - Preventive Maintenance - 8/16/2011
    I change the expansion valve, and recharge the system, but it still not blowing cold air. The compresor is working good. What it could be?
    • yboy82
      8/16/2011 yboy82
      Are you certain that your a/c compressor clutch is engaging? You should check for any restriction in your condenser and check if the auxiliary fan is still functioning well.
      8/16/2011 Canopr360
      The Compresor is engaging, The Fan As well, but I think is one the switch like the high and Low Switch. But I am not sure.
    • yboy82
      8/16/2011 yboy82
      I suggest that you take your vechile to a certified A/C technician to clean your HVAC system and to check for any leaks.
      8/16/2011 Canopr360
      I have that Plan. But I was trying to see if I can fix it my self or get a little more info before I took it to a Place and Charge me a lot money. Thanks for your advice.
    • Jimm
      8/16/2011 Jimm
      An a/c system with insufficient cool air may have one, or more of, these problems;
      * low refrigerant charge; check system for leaks
      * slipping compressor clutch
      * loose drive belt
      * clogged condensor
      * clogged evaporator
      * defective evaporator control valve
      * faulty expansion valve
      * faulty fixed orifice tube
      * clogged receiver-drier screen
      * clogged accumulator-drier filter
      * moisture or air in system
      * refrigerant overcharge
      * blend door out of adjustment
      May also check the a/c relay and the a/c compressor clutch engagement; wiring, any in-line fuse - to make sure the compressor is working.
      8/16/2011 Canopr360
      Thanks, Hopefully I can find what is the problem, I am not A pro in A/C but I try to trouble shoot some basic stuff like, check the compresor if is engaging, cheking the fan, also check the Refrigerant Level, I switch the expansion valve too. But I havent find what is the main problem, I think I have to take it to a Certified A/C Mechanic and see how much would charge me to fix it. :(
  • Firebird
    Firebird - 2005 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 8/12/2011
    How do you remove the plastic engine cover/ protector?
    I know silly question, but i dont want to break it and it is stuck... it seems that it has 3 or 4 tabs in the back and i can not figure how they clip out??? any idea would be appriciated. thanks in advance
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Very very easy task, there's no bolt in it. The cover has a clip underneath and will not break when you pull it off the engine, just as easy as that. Remove first the dipstick before pulling off the cover.
  • don
    don - 1995 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 8/11/2011
    Why is the upper radatior hose part 22277 diffrent from the old hose my old hose
    the old hose has a thin wire that comes out off it i want to no did they buy pass it
    • Jimm
      8/11/2011 Jimm
      It depends on the upper hose design. Some hoses must be trimmed to fit - as in the length - as they are made to fit multiple applications. If the old hose has the anti-collapse wire or internal spring - this should be transferred to the new hose.
  • Bobbi
    Bobbi - 2007 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 8/8/2011
    In addition to the bra for the front of the car, do you have one that fits the REAR of the car?
    I park in New York City and I cannot control the nicks and large scratches caused by people parking near my car. I have to find a way to protect both front and rear bumpers of my 2007 Bug. I keep the car in perfect condition, except for the many scratches and chips.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      Call the representative of and kindly inquire or try visit a local upholstery shop to create a rear bra for your car.
  • marcelino
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  • JulieP
    JulieP - 1999 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 7/15/2011
    What does it mean when the ABS light comes on?
    • mike
      7/15/2011 mike
  • Dan Torchio
    Dan Torchio - 1990 Volkswagen Cabriolet - Preventive Maintenance - 6/27/2011
    The headlights don't work, how do i find the relay and fuse for the headlights and highbeams?
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      The fuse box is in the engine compartment or under the rear passenger seat and the fuse box cover has a diagram underneath.
  • Patrick
    Patrick - 2003 Volkswagen Passat - Preventive Maintenance - 6/19/2011
    My 2003 WW Passat windshield wiper blades rub and make noises shortly after installation of new blades.
    VW Dealer says this is due to road tar on windshield. However, aggressive cleaning does not help. Could this be a design fault with the VW model? Or is there another explaination. This problem has been unresolved for 7 years. Please help! Unfortunately, Auto ...
    • Jimm
      6/19/2011 Jimm
      Try adjusting the angle of the wiper blades as they contact the windshield, tilt the wiper blades either toward or away from the windshield - then try the wiper cycle on a clean windshield with a wet film / washer fluid - to test the proper angle of contact.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2003 Volkswagen Jetta - Preventive Maintenance - 6/15/2011
    How many O2 sensors does the 2003 vw jetta gl 2.0 have ? & can I use the universal type ?
    • Jimm
      6/15/2011 Jimm
      The O2 sensors are; two (2) total. One upstream (pre-catalytic converter) and one downstream. The replacement O2 sensors are priced from around $61.00 to around $180.00 each - per the - as one of many on-line parts sources.
      6/16/2011 AutoMD Member
      If one is bad do you always replace both ?
  • Chris
    Chris - 2001 Volkswagen Beetle - Preventive Maintenance - 6/7/2011
    I need a wiring harness for the rear side marker light as my other unit is melting. Is this a dealership only part?
    Looks as though whomever originally installed side marker bulb didn't push it in all the way causing the melting to occur.
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