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  • bobby perkins
    bobby perkins - 1998 Toyota 4Runner - Steering & Suspension - 6/2/2013
    What makes your steering wheel shake (feels like something is bouncing) car veers to the left when I let go of steering
    Feels like wheel is shaking and bouncing.
    • stackcar
      6/2/2013 stackcar

      As well as asking here, try asking this to mechanics directly. I get lots of help their with my auto questions at likeplum. They have mechanics online to help you for free now!


      Just wanted to let you know,
      6/2/2013 HouseCallAuto
      My friend tried that site and they took his money and did not get his question answered and they did not issue him a refund either, so be careful because that site likeplum seems a bit shady.
  • bamawolf43
    bamawolf43 - 2003 Toyota Tacoma - Steering & Suspension - 6/2/2013
    Why is my steering hard at times
    I have changed my power steering fluid with fresh ATF fluid as per toyota specs. The steering is usually hard after the truck is warm. And is most evident when going from chock to chock while sitting still. I suspect either the pump or the rack but which one? the ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/2/2013 HouseCallAuto
      1. Look into the reservoir and check to see if there is any fluid flowing. There should be a swirling motion from fluid flowing in the reservoir.

      2. Turn the steering wheel to full lock. Check to see if there is noise from fluid pressure buildup.

      3. Check the pump inlet screen located in the reservoir for being restricted. Clean the screen very good carefully, by blowing compressed air and cleaner backwards into the reservoir.

      4. With the front wheels off the ground, move the wheels from full lock to full lock by moving the tires manually. Check for binding and excessive drag.

      6/2/2013 bamawolf43
      thank you i will do these things I have one more question though your number 2 suggestion is kinda vague. is the noise a good thing or a bad one. i do have this noise when I turn to full lock.
      thanks for your information it is greatly appreciated
      6/2/2013 HouseCallAuto
      That would be a noise that sounds like the pump is under stress which could happen if the screen is clogged and not allowing full flow back to the pump
  • mrreliz7
    mrreliz7 - 1996 Toyota Camry - Steering & Suspension - 6/1/2013
    Front wheels steering need cv joints,passenger saide tie rods and lower arm reat control with bushing and passenger side
    my car has 204,000 miles on it and gets code po401 is a 1996 ttoyota camry also, I need to repair cv joints both sides, passenger side tie rods and control lower arm with bushings and driverside hub it wirth it or is the car a piece of junk dying ...
    • Jimm
      6/1/2013 Jimm
      With the year of the vehicle - these items are not uncommon to replace - typical wear and tear / age and mileage-related. In terms of the steering and suspension components - always buy new items, as you already have used ones on the car already - why mess with more used parts? Besides, for safety sake always get new parts for the steering and suspension systems.

      Check the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; www.autopartswarehouse, or for the replacement parts. For example, they (RockAuto) list the replacement CV joint and axle halfshaft assembly from around $39.00 (each) for your vehicle.

      Here is the fault code P0401 information;
      P0401 = Insufficient EGR flow
      A code P0401 most likely means one or more of the following has happened:

      •The DPFE (differential pressure feedback EGR) sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced
      •There is a blockage in the EGR (tube), most likely carbon buildup
      •The EGR valve is faulty
      •The EGR valve may not be opening due to a lack of vacuum

      Possible Solutions:
      In fixing this code, it is quite common for people to just replace the EGR valve only to have the OBD code return. The EGR valve is not always the culprit. To determine the exact cause, follow these steps first;

      •Use a vacuum pump and pull the EGR valve open while monitoring engine RPM's & DPFE voltage. There should be a noticable difference in RPM's with the EGR open
      •Clean out the EGR valve and/or tubing to remove deposits
      •Check the voltage at the DPFE, compare to specified values (refer to a repair manual for your specific model)
      •Replace the DPFE sensor (with a good quality / OEM one)
      •Replace the EGR valve

      1. With the engine at operating temperature, take a hand-held vacuum pump and apply 1 pump of vacuum to the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve and the engine should stall instantly.

      2. If the engine does not stall, the EGR passages are likely restricted. To clean the passages, remove the plate on top of the intake manifold and clean the EGR passages. Once the passages are clean, the engine should stall instantly when the EGR valve is activated.

      3. It is not likely to be a bad EGR valve so do not buy one. the passages are clogged. 99% probability
  • rrsg1
    rrsg1 - 2001 Toyota Solara - Steering & Suspension - 6/1/2013
    How do i get a softer ride
    I just got new 17 inch wheels and tires for my 2001 Toyota Solara. I noticed that now with the larger wheels, my ride is harder compared to the softer ride with the old 15 inch wheels. Is there a way i can soften the ride with the new 17 inch wheels ?
    • Jimm
      6/1/2013 Jimm
      The larger wheels will definitely make the suspension and car ride harder - stiffer and smaller sidewalls on the larger diameter tires equates to giving up some ride quality. You can try a different strut and shock combination - but other than going with the orginal 15" size wheels made for your vehicle - you are limited in your options.
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/1/2013 HouseCallAuto
      You have definitely lost the softness of your ride for good. I know larger wheel diameters and tires are all the rage among young people's mods but I say why? What is the gain? Besides just "bragging rights"? Ton of money spent. The tires wear terrible and now it rides like a one ton truck. The ride is all in the tires. Changing shocks and struts will not change it at all so don't throw money at that. Go back to 15" custom wheels and top tier Michelin tires like an LX4 and you will get a ride like a Caddy.
  • jerryatalig5
    jerryatalig5 - 2005 Toyota Corolla - Steering & Suspension - 5/16/2013
    My car makes a loud noise every time I hit a pot hole
    • Jimm
      5/15/2013 Jimm
      Need more information - is there any question related to this statement? Seriously, my vehicle makes a loud noise if I hit a pothole - so I try to avoid them.
      Is there some issue or problem related to driving over potholes that you need help with?
    • frankiedonnn
      5/16/2013 frankiedonnn
      It could be something loose in the suspension or an exhaust strap broken.Drive it up on a pair of ramps and inspect for broken exhaust mounting or transmision mount.
  • molinesteven
    molinesteven - 2003 Toyota Sequoia - Steering & Suspension - 4/29/2013
    Shock and strut
    I have 160k miles on my original shocks and struts. My tires have normal wear. Is my Sequoia ready for new shocks and struts? If so, are the Monroe Quick-strut Shock Absorber and Strut Assemblies the better value if I'm planning to keep my Sequoia until the rapture.
    • Jimm
      4/29/2013 Jimm
      Usually, the shocks and struts typically last around 36 - 50k miles. Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. For example, they (RockAuto) list the front struts from around $59.00 each (Monroe pn 71859) for your vehicle. Be sure to get the lifetime warranty as long as you plan to keep the vehicle.
      4/29/2013 CVO
      O'Reilly has a $120.00 dollars rebates for the shocks when you buy all in 4.Expires 4/30/2013
  • samd
    samd - 2008 Toyota Highlander - Steering & Suspension - 4/14/2013
    On a 2013 Buick Lacrosse how can you tell if it has remote start it has it on the remote but does not do anything?
    Is there a place on the intellect link to turn inthe remote start feature ?
  • 101959
    101959 - 2006 Toyota Avalon - Steering & Suspension - 4/13/2013
    What can cause front axles to vibrate or go bad?
    My mechanic replaced axle at 115K; drove car 1200 miles to Florida, Axle leaked, second dealer replaced at 120K; drove it home from Florida & car vibrated extensively when accelerating; original mechanic said second axle installed was inferior, made in China, he ...
    • Jimm
      4/13/2013 Jimm
      Usually, the remanufactured CV drive axles are balanced (axles are fully assembled and then spun at high RPM to determine the position and size of external balance weights added to the rotating assembly) during the remanufacturing process. There may be another cause - other than country of origin.
      Check to see if the CV boot clamps are installed using band clamps - or more to the point, check to insure both the CV boots (both inner and outer) have similar style clamps.
      Often, the leaking condition is due to a failed CV boot or clamp - however this should not happen with new or remanufactured CV drive shafts.
      Another possibility is the wheel balancing may be out-of-specification. Have the front wheels been balanced recently?
  • joconnor7907
    joconnor7907 - 2003 Toyota Corolla - Steering & Suspension - 4/13/2013
    Strut and shock absorber replacement
    • CVO
      4/13/2013 CVO
      Do not support the weight of the vehicle on the suspension arm; the arm will deform under its weight.

      Remove the Negative battery cable. On vehicles equipped with an air bag, wait at least 90 seconds before proceeding.

      See this repair guide for
      Toyota Celica, Corolla, ECHO & MR2 1999-05
      Strut (MacPherson Strut) Assembly
      Overhaul (Coil Spring Removal & Installation).
  • bkhyche
    bkhyche - 2009 Toyota Yaris - Steering & Suspension - 3/29/2013
    0 answer
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1999 Toyota Camry - Steering & Suspension - 3/28/2013
    What type of spring bumper do I use with a KYB KYSM5175 strut mount and boot assembly?
    I've got a 1999 Toyota Camry (4 cylinder) that needs the struts replaced. I got all of the parts that I need to assemble the struts, I thought, but I can't figure out how the boot and spring bumper go together. I purchased the KYSM5175 rear strut mount from KYB with ...
    • racel4750
      3/28/2013 racel4750
      Basically, strut assembly consist of a spring, strut mount, spring bumper & dust boot and upper and lower spring seat or cushion. To disassemble you need to compress the spring, loosen the nut that holds the strut mount. Remove strut mount followed by dust boot & bumper, spring along w/ upper/lower seat. To assemble will be the reverse. The strut is installed as a unit. This a dangerous procedure, a compressed and loaded spring is a safety hazard. Recommend that a experienced and professional mechanic do this procedure. Safety is always your priority.
  • richard
    richard - 2012 Toyota 4Runner - Steering & Suspension - 3/20/2013
    Tire cupping
    Heal tow were
  • emsean3
    emsean3 - 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser - Steering & Suspension - 3/19/2013
    What is solution when the black wheels and tires vibrate over 50 mph
    have read a lot of threads in forums but no concrete idea on what fixes it and I am wanting to purchase this used 2011 fj and it has the black wheels, worried I will have problems, is there an easy fix if this problem arises?
    • Jimm
      3/19/2013 Jimm
      Usually, the imbalance is due to several possibilities; incorrect static balance, incorrect dynamic balance, bent rim, tire tread separated. If everything else checks OK, then you may consider to offer a price for the vehicle and offset (discount) by the amount required to repair the imbalance issue - keep in mind this may require an entire new set of wheels and tires - possibly several thousand dollars.
    • j_lanes44
      3/19/2013 j_lanes44
      I would agree with Jimm, also try to check the tire it self it may be oblong.
  • mikeyb9
    mikeyb9 - 1997 Toyota Camry - Steering & Suspension - 3/19/2013
    I have a handicap scooter lift installed on the rear of my Camry but the car bottoms out. How can I raise the rear end?
    Is there a kit or air springs I can use, maybe coil spring extenders or something like that? Any ideas how to modify the rear end so it is raised about 4 inches more off the ground? Anything I find by google says it will not work on my vehicle HELP PLEASE!
    • TechSam
      1/23/2011 TechSam
      The best thing is to change the rear shocks with the air shocks that way you can pump air and raise the rear of your vehicle 3-5 inches.
      1/24/2011 mikeyb9
      Thanks Sam, But I cant seem to find airshocks that pump up to fit my Camry? Do you know of anyplace that carries them?
    • tomslick
      4/1/2011 tomslick
      u can add rubber spacers inbetweem spring coils might have to take top hat off to do it.or get stiffer springs.
    • neomyejohn
      3/19/2013 neomyejohn
      Just change the lift and get one that's designed for cars and comes with all the specifications you need. the problem is, you can't find one that will modify the scooter lift because that's how it is designed.
  • devonlemma
    devonlemma - 2003 Toyota Solara - Steering & Suspension - 3/18/2013
    What is the Clicking in front end when backing up or forward to park?
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