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  • rocker
    rocker - 1990 Toyota Pickup - Steering & Suspension - 12/16/2010
    Cruise control does not work and have body roll
    What is a rough cost to fix cruise control, it dont work. turns on but won't work. also what will cause body roll ? shocks and dry rott tires do it?
    • david
      12/16/2010 david
      have u checked the fuses on the cruise and ya dry rotted tires ant good man look out for a blow out mite need some new shocks to mine does it in the front when i hit a bump in the road good luck
  • Tz.
    Tz. - 2006 Toyota Corolla - Steering & Suspension - 12/15/2010
    Can I substitute a rim for Corolla 2006 with a rim from older Corolla or 15' from Camry ?
    Are the standard rims compatible with any other more popular models?
    • Bobby
      12/15/2010 Bobby
      just chek the measurements, if they are 15" then you have that measurement you will also need to measure the rim width and measure the distance across a diagonal of the lugs. if measurements are same then you can use those rims.
      12/15/2010 RC
      Make sure you check the wheel back spacing also.
  • al
    al - 2001 Toyota RAV4 - Steering & Suspension - 12/15/2010
    Back tire rattle noise
    when drivig on a bumpy street we can can hear a rattle noise on one of the back tire and already found exacly where the noise comes from theres a bushing that holds this part this that holds tha back tire in place but the question is where do i find tis ...
  • lisa
    lisa - 1996 Toyota Tacoma - Steering & Suspension - 12/13/2010
    What kind of shocks do i need for my truck which has a 6 inch lift?
    I have 35 inch tires
    • RC
      12/13/2010 RC
      You should contact the company that made the 6 inch lift.
  • 1nic
    1nic - 1989 Toyota 4Runner - Steering & Suspension - 12/4/2010
    Why does the truck pulls to the left while driving (really bad)
    i already changed the idlerarm and that did nothing to improve the steering
    • TechSam
      12/4/2010 TechSam
      The lower control arm or some thing else might be bent, it you take it for an alingment they will tell you what you need to change on the truck.
  • JLL
    JLL - 2004 Toyota Tundra - Steering & Suspension - 12/1/2010
    Why would my truck shakes a bit when i'm driving???
    it has 121,241 miles. . . It has new tires, and just did the alignment, it happens when i'm driving from 16 to 20 mph and when i'm on highway too, only when i let go the gas!!! it doesn't do it pretty bad but you can tell the difference when it does! it had the ...
    • Autobahn
      12/1/2010 Autobahn
      Why dont you post the code here, i dont think it has to do anything with it but hey i can help you with the trouble code and im sure someone here can assist you with the shakes, so at least you hit 2 birds with one stone.
      12/1/2010 JLL
      i would love to tell you the code but i erased it and i forgot about it, and the code!!! :(
    • yboy82
      12/1/2010 yboy82
      Did you try to check the trouble code? I mean you’ve mention that it’s about the throttle, so did you inspect it? Check if there’s a carbon build up in your throttle or a loose electrical connector? If possible post the trouble code that you have. Thanks
    • yboy82
      12/1/2010 yboy82
      If you already reset the code. You can try to diagnose your vehicle to verify if there's still a stored trouble code in your vehicle =)
      12/4/2010 JLL
      i tried and it says no pending codes :) i guess thats good!!!
      12/5/2010 JLL
      I cleaned the throttle and i found this code somewhere in my computer, p0222, and this is one of two or thee codes!!! but all of them are related to the same thing!!!
  • ????????
    ???????? - 1995 Toyota Camry - Steering & Suspension - 11/26/2010
    I don't know what to replace shock strut or coil spring
    or should i replace both
    • CVO
      11/26/2010 CVO
      Replace the shock struts. The coil spings rarely fail unless the coils had a wreck ( car accident ). Hope this answers your question and be safe. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
  • rykfso
    rykfso - 1997 Toyota RAV4 - Steering & Suspension - 11/23/2010
    How to replace rear wheel bearing
  • roxiebrandy
    roxiebrandy - 2007 Toyota Camry - Steering & Suspension - 11/22/2010
    I hear a clunk from the right side possibly rear when hitting a small bump more often when turning right,
    sounds like the muffler hittinf (not) car has 45000 miles
    • marty
      7/18/2010 marty
      check right front drive axle. if its back wheel might be a busted rear shock
      7/18/2010 roxiebrandy
      my wife hears it at the rear, not consistantly, minor wear on the tires, tire shop said all struts need replacing, but no evidence of leaking and passed the bounce test all around
    • tommy t
      7/18/2010 tommy t
      tire shops always say you need struts. toyota struts last a long time and it would be a wast to replace them with inferior aftermarket products. poss. rubber exaust hanger broken . if it really concerns you consult with dealer, youare still pretty close to your warrenty and even if you have never visite your dealer they will be so happy for a new cust. they might goodwill a borderline warrenty repair,esp. if you start going to them. it dont cost nothing to call&ask Good Luck
    • Jay Austen
      11/22/2010 Jay Austen
      I had the same problem with my 2002 Avalon. I did some research and found this to pretty prevalent with Camrys and Avalons. I turned out to be bad strut mounts.
  • ralph
    ralph - 2001 Toyota Avalon - Steering & Suspension - 11/22/2010
    Where is the steering coilum upper bracket located on 2001 avalon xls
    • CVO
      10/30/2010 CVO has the procedures and the pictures of the project. Login_year of the car_steering_steering and steering wheel_removal and installation. Hope this helps and be safe.
    • Jay Austen
      11/22/2010 Jay Austen
      Caution. Certain early 2000 model Avalon's have just had a recall on the streeing column bracket. My 2002 was recalled. Check your dealer.
  • Geo
    • Pave Low
      9/29/2010 Pave Low
      Rattling? because more often than not rattling is caused by loose exhaust components. You are sure its not a thump or a knock or whatever?
    • Oxides
      9/29/2010 Oxides
      quite often this is either the sway bar links or the strut tops worn out.
    • Jay Austen
      11/22/2010 Jay Austen
      My 2002 Avalon had the same problem. It was worn strut mount brackets.
  • BLynch
    BLynch - 2005 Toyota Solara - Steering & Suspension - 11/22/2010
    Could a bad idle control arm cause a car to veer to the left? The dealership said it was properly aligned.
    Just replaced 4 new tires (Bridgestone Turanza EL400) and got an alignment and then found my car started veering to the left only slightly but enough to bother my left arm when I have to keep pulling it back. Someone told me it could be that the old tires were worn ...
    • Jay Austen
      11/22/2010 Jay Austen
      This may sound odd, but I had a similar problem with a 1997 Tacoma from the day I purchased it brand new. Except mine pulled to the right. Took it back several times to the dealer to check the front end alignment and wheel balance. Every checked out ok, but the problem persisted. As I was driving one day, the front hubcap came off. The problem was solved. The hubcap was throwing the balance off. Every sicne, it has driven straight and true.
  • Linda
    Linda - 2007 Toyota RAV4 - Steering & Suspension - 11/13/2010
    2007 Rav 4 needs new tie rod. What does this repair entail?
    Upon research the mechanic said that 2007 Toyota Rav 4 does not have just a tie rod part. Per Toyota you need to replace the rack with an estimated 18 1/2 hr repair plus the rack. This puts the estimate over 2500.00? Any thoughts ?
    0 answer
    CHARLES BROWN - 1998 Toyota 4Runner - Steering & Suspension - 11/13/2010
    How many parts is there to the front tie rod and should you replace both right and left at the same time
    • Batman
      11/13/2010 Batman
      Generally, because I haven't seen your car, generally tie rods are an easy fix. It is , however, very important to mark the threaded portion of the steering rack where the tie-rods are attached now so that when you put on the new ones your alignment won't suffer terribly. You may also want to invest in a pickle fork, or ball joint splitter to seperate the knuckle from the spindle. Yes, it's a good idea to do both at the same time.