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  • ront
    • Pave Low
      10/11/2010 Pave Low
      I assume the ending of your sentence it will stall?

      If the car runs fine while driving and cuts off ONLY when you are idling (foot completely off the gas pedal and RPM's at idle speed) then your idle air control valve my need adjusting or need to be replaced, or idle air passage make have been blocked off by excessive carbon build-up. If build-up is the problem, a good removal and cleaning will do the trick or an off the shelf spray cleaner may get the job done as well.

      Could also be clogged fuel injection system. Try a fuel treatment with a full tank of gas.if a older model GM front wheel drive it could be the lock-up solenoid on the transmission. or it could be a stopped up catalytic converter on about any make and model.
      First thing id do is check and change the fuel filter, its usually checked by blowing air through it (in the arrow direction) if no air flows through or it blows through slowly then its more than likely plugged change it and go from there. sometimes after all avenues have been followed and the problem still exists i have seen the sock on the fuel pump be plugged and do the same. it will run great while accelerating but stall at idle due to not enough fuel pressure.

      It could be a problem with the car not getting enough fuel, or it may have something to do with one or more of the sensors, such as the Mass Airflow Sensor. Is your check engine light on? If it is then its most likely a faulty or dirty sensor.

  • bob
    bob - 1988 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 10/11/2010
    • TechSam
      10/11/2010 TechSam
      No MAF has not hing to do with the fuel pump BUT the cam sensor has. Good luck.
  • bill
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/10/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Ok, no problem, but how about the details of what the no start is? It cranks over or nothing when the key is turned? You tried to jump start the battery yet?
      10/10/2010 bill
      Turns over fine / Usually starts on first turn. Any chance I have jumped out of time? Noted a slight backfire when cranking
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/10/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Yes, it is every possible. I would check for stored fault codes as well with a code reader. I'm curious as to why the primary belt broke. Sometimes a sudden deceleration of the engine can cause a timing belt to jump a tooth or more but this engine has a chain. I have a feeling that there are codes to be read there. Repost with the codes.
  • mona
    • CVO
      10/10/2010 CVO
      Local mufflers and exhaust shops will help you on that issue. Run an estimate costs from the bar AutoMD and compare that prices with the local shops. Hope this help.
  • b pritchett
    b pritchett - 1998 Toyota Camry - Engine - 10/10/2010
    Once engine warms up it misfire in driving range and it shakes and vibrates while at idle could this be coil pack
    spark plugs were changed 6 months ago and o2 senser also car started doing this all at once i was told that number 2 cylinder ws misfiring is that cylinder in bank 1 or 2 could that be wirers or coil pack or even coolant temp switch i need a starting point cause ...
    • TechSam
      10/10/2010 TechSam
      I would bet on the the TMP tempreature sensor. Good luck.
  • Pat
    Pat - 2001 Toyota Avalon - Engine - 10/10/2010
    Car running fine, starts right up no problem drove around the block & went into a store came out car completely dead.
    Called AAA they jumped me - came home let it run for about 30 mins - shut car off. Tried to start it and it was dead again - no lights no sounds nothing!! Have had batter replaced 2X last time was just about 2 yrs ago.
    • HouseCallAuto
      10/10/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Bad battery or bad alternator, sounds like a battery, especially since this just happened when the outside temperature just dropped a bit in the last few days. That is what weeds out bad batteries fast, a temp. change.
  • Lakhvinder S. Punia
    • CVO
      10/10/2010 CVO
      Use the Restore Engine oil ( for 4 cylinders ) and the Castrol High Mileage Oil 5W-30, it will help to reduce the consumption. The Restore Engine Oil claimed their products will seal the oil piston rings and the valve stems. Hope this help and be safe.
      10/10/2010 Lakhvinder S. Punia
      Thank you so much. I will try.
  • palau
    palau - 2001 Toyota Sequoia - Engine - 10/9/2010
    My lights get brighter when i step on the accelerator
  • gary
    gary - 1995 Toyota T100 - Engine - 10/9/2010
    1995 toyota pick up stalls
    I have a 1995 toyota pickup auto trans that stalls when its in idle or not in motion. When its driving it runs like a champ My plugs are new cap and rotar are fine and the injector system is clean, Any ideas? (my neighbor says he thinks it might be the c.p.u (?) ...
    • darkmind
      10/9/2010 darkmind
      What have you done so far to fix your vehicle? Did you already check the condition of your idle air control valve and MAF (mass air flow) sensor? Diagnose your vehicle with a scan tool to determine if there is a stored trouble code in your vehicle (to verify if there is a fault in your electrical controls and sensors) to help you identify the cause of your vehicle’s trouble. Even if your check engine light if off don’t assume that there is no stored trouble code in your vehicle, to be certain that there is no stored trouble code in your vehicle diagnose it with a scan tool.
  • josh
  • RedRocket
    RedRocket - 2003 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 10/8/2010
    How to replace front oxygen sensor
    • CVO
      10/8/2010 CVO
      The oxygen sensor can be located in several places. Either in the exhaust manifold, front pipe or catalytic converter.
      Care should be used during the removal of the oxygen sensor. Both the sensor and its wire can be easily damaged. The best condition in which to remove the sensor is when the engine is moderately warm. This is generally achieved after two to five minutes (depending on outside temperature) of running after a cold start. The exhaust manifold has developed enough heat to expand and make the removal easier but is not so hot that it has become untouchable. Wearing heat resistant gloves is highly recommended during this repair.
      Fig. Note the manifold mounted sensor is obtained through the heat shield
      With the ignition OFF , unplug the connector for the sensor.
      Fig. Remove the wiring from the sensor located near the radiator
      Remove the two sensor attaching bolts.
      Fig. One oxygen sensor is attached to the front exhaust pipe on all models
      Fig. Two nuts retain the O2 sensor on the exhaust manifold
      Remove the oxygen sensor from its mounting place and discard the gasket.
      Fig. Extract the sensor from the manifold and ...
      Fig. ... the gasket
      A special socket is available to remove the sensor.
      To install:
      During and after the removal, use great care to protect the tip of the sensor if it is to be reused. Do NOT allow it to come in contact with fluids or dirt. Do NOT attempt to clean it or wash it.
      Apply a coat of anti-seize compound to the bolt threads but DO NOT allow any to get on the tip of the sensor.
      Position a new gasket, install and secure the sensor.
      Reattach the electrical wiring and insure a clean, tight connection.
      Autozone .com has this procs and the pics of the project.Login_year of the car_engine performance & emission controls_O2 sensor. Hope this help and be safe.
  • sammydog
    sammydog - 2000 Toyota Tacoma - Engine - 10/8/2010
    What is wrong with my engine?
    turned car on , ,starter may be bad, took a couple tries,, when turned over sounded real bad,,turned off and engine began to run,, very poorly..
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      You have a compound problem my friend and with the little info you've given it’s difficult to help you diagnose the faults. Or you can visit any shop near you by using the "Find a Shop" feature of AutoMD to resolve your issues with experts.
  • mec
    mec - 1999 Toyota Camry - Engine - 10/8/2010
    I have the engine check light on and got the code reading of 441 and 446 indicating that it had problems with the e-vap
    I had the gas cap changed which hasn' t solved the problem.
    • darkmind
      10/8/2010 darkmind
      Is it P0441? If it is P0441 means evaporative emission control system incorrect purge flow. The common causes of this trouble codes are faulty vacuum switch, broken/broken EVAP line or canister, defective purge solenoid, restriction in EVAP solenoit/line/canister, open/short in voltage feed circuit to your purgue solenoid, open in PCM purge command circuit, and resistance/corrosion in your purge connector.
    • darkmind
      10/8/2010 darkmind
      If it is P0446 it means evaporative emission control system vent control circuit malfunction. Defective vent valve, open/short/excessive resistance on vent valve control circuit, clogged/blockage of vent valve and defective PCM are the common possible causes of P0446.
  • eke01
    eke01 - 1985 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 10/8/2010
    I have no power going to the fuel pump???
    • Bobby
      10/8/2010 Bobby
      you need to check the cirsuit then this could be a fuse or a relay or the ginition switch causing the loss of power. Start at the fuse box and check the fuel pump circuit fuse, then chek the relay, testing a relay can be complicated sometimes it is easiiest to just try a new, they only cost like 5 bucks, just make sure you get the exact same relay. or you can test the relay most repair manuals give info on testing a relay.
  • 808guy
    808guy - 1999 Toyota Camry - Engine - 10/8/2010
    Sometimes car won't start on first attempt or sometimes not at all.
    84300K Once the cars starter keep running after starting the vehicle. Even after truning offf the car and removing the key. I had to shimmy and remove the key to finally turn off the starter.
    • Nissan Technical Advisor
      It could be the ignition switch. Replace it and observe the changes. If the problem persists, post a query again.