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  • Inder
    Inder - 2000 Toyota Camry - Engine - 9/27/2010
    What does code PO 128 mean and how to correct it?
    This code was displayed on the scanner used in response to seeing 'check engine' icon light up on the dashboard.
    • darkmind
      9/27/2010 darkmind
      P0128 means Coolant Thermostat (coolant temperature below thermostat regulation temperature) the common causes of this trouble code are

      •defective cooling fan (your radiator fan is running too much)

      •stuck open or leaking thermostat

      •insufficient coolant

      •defective ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor and/or IAT (intake air temperature) sensor

      You should check the possible causes of this trouble code, repair or replace if needed to correct the trouble code. Don't forget to delete the trouble code after repairing or replacing the fault of your trouble code.
  • Inder
    Inder - 2000 Toyota Camry - Engine - 9/27/2010
    What kind of code reader to buy and from where?
  • howard
    howard - 1989 Toyota Cressida - Engine - 9/27/2010
    Factory alarm went off now car won't start
    • Timothy Albany
      6/20/2010 Timothy Albany
      Take it to your local toyota dealer. it sounds like it has an engine kill alarm in it. they should be able to reset it for you. Of course it is going to cost, nothing from the dealer is free.\

    • Jeff in Issaquah
      9/27/2010 Jeff in Issaquah
      I have the same very intermittent problem with my 86' Cressida. I brought it to Kirkland Toyota and they kept it for 5 days they could not fix it.

      The only way I know how to reset is to disconnect the negative battery terminal for 5 seconds. I keep a 10 MM combination wrench in my center console handy for such occasions.
  • mike
    mike - 1998 Toyota Avalon - Engine - 9/27/2010
    What would cause this car to catch on fire?
    This car caught on fire and the battery wires melted and the wires going to the tranny melted as well. How hard will this to be fixed?
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/27/2010 HouseCallAuto
      The only person that can answer this will be the mechanic examining the damage. Yes it can be repaired of course.
  • Jerry Dudzinski
    Jerry Dudzinski - 1999 Toyota Camry - Engine - 9/26/2010
    How do you change spark plugs
    I can not reach the spark plug between the engine and firewall.
    • CVO
      9/26/2010 CVO
      Use an universal socket ( turns around on a different angles ), wrap with an old thick sock around your forearm as a cushion between the engine and the firewall. Slowly and patiently, you will remove that last plug. I hope that will give you the right idea and be safe.
  • jeff
    jeff - 2006 Toyota Corolla - Engine - 9/26/2010
    Maintenance light stays on. Not due for oil change yet
    Just had oil changed at Jiffy Lube 1500 miles ago. Tried unhooking pos battery cable. Tightened gas cap
    • CVO
      9/26/2010 CVO
      You can turn the light off quite simply by completing the following steps:

      1) Get into the car and close the driver's door

      2) Put your key in the ignition, but don't turn it.

      3) With your left hand, press and hold the odometer reset button (its somewhere near the odometer)

      4) With your right hand, turn the key to the position right before start while still holding down the reset button with your left hand.

      5) While still holding the reset button, you will see your odometer show up as 000000, keep holding the button until all the zeros disappear.

      6) After all the zeros are gone, your odometer will show back up and the "Maint REQ" light will go away.

      If you need more detailed instructions, consult your owner's manual. The procedure is outlined there with pictures.
      I google it and paste that info to you. I hope that will give you the right idea.
  • mary ann carr
    mary ann carr - 1991 Toyota Camry - Engine - 9/25/2010
    Does a fuel jetstop competly or work intermittenly
    • CVO
      9/25/2010 CVO
      Once the ignition key is in the OFF position, the fuel jet stop completly. I hope that will give you the right idea.
      9/26/2010 mary ann carr
      idea was while running, does jet work or not...if clogged,ect.
  • sfsdshorty
    sfsdshorty - 2005 Toyota Tundra - Engine - 9/25/2010
    Po172 code no one can find prroblem
    code comes on when engine is at idel speed. o2 sensors, fuel injectors, spark plugs, map sensor, air filter and pvc valve have all been replaced with no results. problem is inconsistant but still there. 160,000 very well maitained.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      Check the fuel pressure. If the pressure is too high you can have this code. There is live data that can be looked at on a scanner by an experienced mechanic that could tell a lot but we don't have that option now. You said that you replaced the map sensor. Did you mean to say MAF sensor (also known as an airflow meter?)Tundra has no map sensor.
  • Claudia
    Claudia - 1980 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 9/25/2010
    Where can I get an EGR & ECM for a 1977 SR5 Toyota Pickup
  • Jerry Maddox
    Jerry Maddox - 1993 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 9/25/2010
    Compression in low in cylinder #1 130lbs
    150 + in other 5 cylinders
    • vince^_^
      9/25/2010 vince^_^
      Did you perform wet and dry compression test? There are many possible causes of low compression

      •broken/worn/weak piston ring

      •worn valve seal

      •bent/worn valve/valve spring

      •damage cylinder head gasket

  • southerngq
    southerngq - 2000 Toyota Avalon - Engine - 9/25/2010
    VSC repair/ Oxygen sensor replacement
    We are having an issue with the VSC lights coming on along with the check engine light. The code says that it is an oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced. However, it does not say Which sensor. Is there any way to tell which sensor is bad?
    • Pave Low
      9/25/2010 Pave Low
      Hmmmmm.....VSC is somehow connected to the o2 sensor? (Vehicle Skid Control)? Anyway, it will help us a lot if you post the code PXXXX

      Anyway to answer you other concern

      No need to know which is which, just replace both...why?

      Because if the first o2 sensor got busted in the coming weeks or months the other one will also get busted. I don't think you want to fix and buy the same part twice right?

      So save money and time, buy both.
  • tony
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/25/2010 HouseCallAuto
      I would probably replace the igniter, odds are good but not a sure thing.
  • freddy
    freddy - 2001 Toyota Tacoma - Engine - 9/24/2010
    Clear water leaking thru heater fan, especially when I turn. Where coming from
    drains under cowling are open & i think condenser drain is open. It is clear water. Leaks only when driving - From drips to a 1/4 - 1/2 cup discharge. Can hear it as it goes thru blower. Sounds like opening can of beer. truck has 104k miles but runs good.
    0 answer
  • linda
    • Jason
      9/24/2010 Jason
      The engine speed will increase when you turn on the air conditioning. Sounds like the idle speed is to low. Is there a check engine light on?
  • Darrell
    Darrell - 1994 Toyota Pickup - Engine - 9/24/2010
    Whats the manufacter specifications of the journals on the crankshaft
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/24/2010 HouseCallAuto
      .0010" to .0022" main journal oil clearance is standard. Limit is .0031"

      .0010" to .0022" rod bearing oil clearance is standard. Limit is .0039"

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