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  • yzoldowl
    yzoldowl - 2004 Saturn Vue - Engine - 10/13/2014
    Cannot find the fuel lines for my 2004 Saturn Vue 2.2 L except 'universal' kits?
    Existing fuel lines are rusted through; the feed line is the worst but is listed as 'obsolete' everywhere I look. I found several different types of universal kits at a 'rare parts' website: Edelbrock, Omix and more. Some are rubber, some are rubber under stainless ...
    • jdl
      10/13/2014 jdl

      Your local auto store may have the fuel lines, proper length and proper connections? It may be a straight piece, then you have to use a tubing bender to put the bends in the correct place. Use the old fuel line as template for the bends.

      The site I listed has pre-bent steel fuel lines for your vehicle. About 175 bucks that may not include tax--shipping and handling? I have nothing to do with that site, don't know anything about them. I just typed your year--make--model--engine size plus fuel lines into search box and hit search. There may be other web sites that have something cheaper, I don't know?
  • yzoldowl
    yzoldowl - 2004 Saturn Vue - Engine - 10/13/2014
    Cannot find the fuel lines for my 2004 Saturn Vue 2.2 L except 'universal' kits
    Existing fuel lines are rusted through; the feed line is the worst but is listed as 'obsolete' everywhere I look. I found several different types of universal kits at a 'rare parts' website: Edelbrock, Omix and more. Some are rubber, some are rubber under ...
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  • Terry
    Terry - 2002 Saturn L200 - Engine - 10/12/2014
    My starter keeps trying to turn over car without key in ignition
    I took out fuses but it still tries to start on its on till the battery is dead
    • jdl
      10/12/2014 jdl
      Did you check the voltage circuits at the starter? Any testing at the starter, make sure tranny is in park or neutral and the parking brake is set. Usually there are two voltage feeds at the starter, one is battery voltage, hot all the time, the other is ignition feed, goes hot, only, with key in crank position. When you release key from crank position, that circuit is no longer hot.
      10/12/2014 jdl
      Note the diagram, the purple wire at the starter should be not be hot with key in run or off position. If it is hot, have to check your ignition switch.

  • greg
    greg - 2003 Saturn L200 - Engine - 10/11/2014
    B2960 code ignition key replaced and pass lock sensor replaced now it does not crank from key at all
    Ecm provides 12volt to each injector but will Not cycle ground with timing spark plugs are working what do I try next to get it to crank and run?
    • alex
      10/11/2014 alex
      you need to recalibrate the pass lock it has a resistor in the switch. the resistance is different for each one youtube has a video on it. i would add a link but i don't know how.
  • Manny13
    Manny13 - 1996 Saturn SL2 - Engine - 10/6/2014
    Idler pulley bolt removal
    What direction will loosen this bolt? Clockwise or counter clockwise?
    • Jimm
      10/6/2014 Jimm
      Usually, the idler pulley center bolt loosens counter-clockwise.
  • Freddy Carper
    Freddy Carper - 2002 Saturn SL1 - Engine - 9/15/2014
    Whst causes poor fuel usage 27 miles to 1/4 tank aprox
    Only getting 27 miles to 1/4 tank of gas Seems to be running fine, check catelyc converter seems ok
    • alex
      9/15/2014 alex
      if it is running ok it has to be leaking it if all of that was going through the engine the oil pan wold be full of gas and it wouldn't be running.
  • Becky
    Becky - 2001 Saturn SW2 - Engine - 9/5/2014
    We're on our third go around at mechanic. ABS light comes on after idling and then gears don't engage or jerk into gear.
    So far replaced ignition, worked on electrical. Drove fine coming home from mechanic. Idled for a few minutes, ABS light on and same problem with operation. The car has 108,000 miles
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  • lonnie1972
    lonnie1972 - 1994 Saturn SL1 - Engine - 9/3/2014
    Why do I keep losing so much coolant in refill tank?
    I have to keep refilling the coolant tank numerous times. Otherwise, I'll get a warning light that my coolant is low. When I check, I'll see that the tank is almost out of coolant, so I'll have to add more to fill it back up to the appropriate level. This happens ...
    • CVO
      9/3/2014 CVO
      Loss of coolant because of a coolant leak is probably the most common cause of an engine . Possible leak points include hoses, the radiator, heater core, water pump, thermostat housing, head gasket, freeze plugs, automatic transmission oil cooler, cylinder head(s) and block.

      Make a careful visual inspection of the entire cooling system, and then PRESSURE TEST the cooling system while the engine is COLD and radiator cap. A pressure test will reveal internal leaks such as seepage past the head gasket as well as cracks in the head or block. A good system should hold 12 to 15 psi for 15 minutes or more with no loss in pressure. If it leaks pressure, there is an internal coolant leak (most likely a bad head gasket but possibly also a cracked cylinder or engine block).

      It is important to pressure test the radiator cap, too, because a weak cap (or one with too low a pressure rating.
  • Quitta
    Quitta - 1996 Saturn SL2 - Engine - 8/16/2014
    Why is my car smoking
    Recently while driving Inoticed my car was smoking from the muffler and my engine was overheating when Ilooked under the hood it looked like it spit out oil. It was everywhere(if it means anything the smoke was white)
    • Jimm
      8/16/2014 Jimm
      The most common cause of overheating is because of an external leak from a water pump or a radiator or heater hose. The way to find the leak is to wait till it is overnight cold and maybe just pour water in and see if the leak is large enough to see it simply leak out from where it has a leak. if you pour in a half gallon or more and you still see no leak its time to pressure check the system.

      Here is a short list of possible causes for overheating;

      Low coolant level
      Leaking coolant
      Improper coolant concentration (not at recommended 50 / 50 mix of anti-freeze and water)
      Clogged radiator hoses
      Clogged heater hoses
      Clogged radiator passages
      Clogged heater core
      Faulty thermostat
      Faulty water pump
      Faulty radiator cooling fans
      Faulty radiator cooling fan switch (coolant temperature sensor)
      Faulty / worn serpentine drive belt
      Faulty / worn drive belt tensioner
      8/16/2014 Quitta
      Thank you lots!! Any idea why the car would be smoking white smoke from the muffler??
    • Jimm
      8/16/2014 Jimm
      Yes, the most likely cause for the smoke is a faulty cylinder head gasket. Have a cylinder leakdown and compression test performed to determine.
      8/16/2014 Quitta
      Thanks!! So much this helps me loads
      8/16/2014 Quitta
      What if it leaks oil AND coolant? I looked under the hood of the car and it looks like the engine or something spit out oil
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 Saturn L200 - Engine - 8/9/2014
    Car is hard to start and dies quickly when it does start acts like a fuel problem
    175000 miles hard to start and once started it dies quickly last time it started I gave it gas it died with a cloud of smoke just started this recently no trouble lights runs great between episodes
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2008 Saturn Outlook - Engine - 8/6/2014
    Cam shaft sensors a b c d
    Need to replace sensors where are they located
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2008 Saturn Outlook - Engine - 7/23/2014
    Have you seen an Outlook start sometimes easy and then hard. It is intermittent and is happening more often
    108,000 miles and the vehicle starts sometimes with no issues and then other it takes 3 tries to get it started. What there are no code lights and the problem hasn't left us stranded yet... This is my wifes vehicle and we all know how that goes if MaMa is stranded ...
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2005 Saturn L300 - Engine - 7/23/2014
    Loses freon, but not sure where its going
    Theres no moisture on the ground , and the oil dip stick is fine, not milky; also white smoke comes out the tail pipe the first min or so.
    • alex
      7/23/2014 alex
      refrigerant or coolant antifreeze
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2002 Saturn L300 - Engine - 7/22/2014
    What is the drive cycle after fixing the EGR, Throttle body and bank 1 heat sensor?
    the engine check light is still on after the codes were cleared.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1999 Saturn SC2 - Engine - 7/1/2014
    My engine RPMs go straight to and stay at 3700 when I start the car up. Any suggestions?
    I checked the throttle while starting the car. The throttle doesn't open up at all when it revs up, which doesn't make sense. Even though the throttle doesn't move, the engine still revs up. This all happened right after I took apart the throttle body and cleaned ...
    • Chevy doctor
      7/1/2014 Chevy doctor
      Believe there maybe an issue with your mass air flow sensor or throttle position sensor. Try unplugging one at a time And see if rpms spike or if it runs smoother.
      Chevy doctor
      7/3/2014 AutoMD Member
      I'll try that. Thank you very much