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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1998 Saturn SL2 - Body & Interior - 3/3/2014
    Windshield wipers wont shut off
    when i turn the wipers on theykeep running even though the switch has been turned off
    • Jimm
      3/3/2014 Jimm
      Several possibilites; faulty wiper relay, faulty wiper switch. As the first step - swap / exchange the wiper relay with another of the same size - from the relay panel. See if the problem is corrected. If yes, then replace the relay. If not, suspect the wiper switch / control or the wiring / connection.

      The parts are readily available from these many on-line sources,,,,, - to list only a few possibilities.
      In fact, they (RockAuto) list the wiper control switch from around $78.00 for your vehicle
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2006 Saturn Vue - Body & Interior - 2/25/2014
    Daytime Running Lights not working. Automatic lights not working.
    Headlights and parking lights all work if turned on manually. Also, Dash lights will come on when the brake is applied or turn signals used.
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/25/2014 HouseCallAuto
      Replace (or swap) the daytime running lamp relay in the underhood fuse panel.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2006 Saturn Vue - Body & Interior - 2/25/2014
    DRL(daytime running lights) not working. Automatic lights do not come on automatically at darkness.
    Lights will work if turned on manually. Also, dash lights come on when brake is applied or turn signal is used.
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 1996 Saturn SC1 - Body & Interior - 1/19/2014
    Blew a blower fuse somewhere but cannot find any fuse marked blower, checked both interior and exterior fuse panel.
    1996 saturn sc1
    • alex
      1/19/2014 alex
      it is under the hood fuse #3 labeled ign 3 is the fuse
  • edaruiz
    edaruiz - 2002 Saturn Vue - Body & Interior - 12/22/2013
    The instrument panel is dead and will not power up until you unplug the harness from the back of it and plug it back in.
    The instrument panel will work after unplugging the harness and plugging it back in. You can turn the ignition switch on and off as many times as you like and it will power up consistently and drive the vehicle as long as you like but after it sits off for an hour ...
    • HouseCallAuto
      12/22/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Get access to the Body Control module and try tapping on the BCM and see if the tapping causes the instrument panel to come alive. Your cause is probably the BCM is junk. By the way, a shop grade scan tool is able to communicate with the Instrument panel for reading live data and possible fault codes. You cannot really draw any conclusions until this information is known. I do not want to say to you go ahead and replace the BCM until other data is known. This may be beyond DIY diagnosis unless you go on ebay and buy an OTC Genisys scan tool. They are like $500 and up.
      12/22/2013 HouseCallAuto
      If the tapping of the BCM gets the IP working then the BCM is junk and you could replace it yourself, however, a GM dealer would have to flash / program it for about a $125 fee.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2001 Saturn L300 - Body & Interior - 12/3/2013
    How do you replace an instrument cluster bulb? (dashboard light for hands on gauges)
    Gauges light up fine, but the hands will not light up...
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2007 Saturn Outlook - Body & Interior - 11/17/2013
    How do i repair the slide lever for the center console
    there is a black lever that u lift up on to slide the center console back and forth
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/17/2013 HouseCallAuto
      The only person that would know this would be a Saturn dealer mechanic. That being said, your only shot at fixing this yourself is to take apart the console assembly and determine what parts are needed and then try to order the parts from a parts dealer for Saturn, even though Saturn is no more there are still places that are authorized to sell saturn parts. Your other option is to find what you need used. Your third option is to go to GMC or Chevy dealer and see if the console parts are interchangeable with Chevy Traverse or GMC Acadia which seem to share most mechanical parts.
  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2007 Saturn Outlook - Body & Interior - 11/17/2013
    How do i fix the lever that slides my center console
    there is a black lever that u lift up on to make the center console slide back and forth
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  • AutoMD Member
    AutoMD Member - 2004 Saturn L300-1 - Body & Interior - 11/2/2013
    When I start my vehicle, I have a loud ticking noise in the car. it sounds like its coming from behind the radio.
    it's only when I start the car but when I lift the can barley hear it only in the car when its started and it never stops
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/2/2013 HouseCallAuto
      The blend door actuator or mode door actuator may need to be replaced. Look up the location of these parts, roll up your sleeves and get under the dash with a good flex light and find out of that is the source of your clicking and if so replace the actuator.making the noise. You may be able to identify which one by turning whichever control knob changes or stops the noise. The (mode) actuator is affected when you try to change the location of where the air blows out. The (blend) actuator is affected when you change the temperature you want. Make sure you have good high quality repair guides that cover in detail with pictures the procedure to locate and replace these parts or do not try it. According to posted labor of like half an hour, these are easy to replace.
      11/2/2013 AutoMD Member
      Could this have happened after the air was charged? The heat worked in my car and I had the sir charged 3 wks ago and now the sound comes from behind the radio. This is not a serious issue? Just an airflow issue with the heat/air vents?
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/2/2013 HouseCallAuto
      The ac recharge did not do this. Its not serious. An air flow issue. A stuck actuator chasing it's tail endlessly.
  • vcf46613
    vcf46613 - 2001 Saturn SL1 - Body & Interior - 9/22/2013
    Anyone have antitheft radio unlock code for this car? It gives a precode being 5086.
    Paid dealer for it once $45. Wife lost it. Local Saturn dealer has closed, now local GM dealer wants an appointment and $60. Someone please help!! I cannot stand the silence!! Thank you for your time!!
    • Jimm
      9/22/2013 Jimm
      You may have to just go the local GM dealership and see if they have a way to get the code.
      Radio lock out codes are security related to discourage theft, so they are not published on the internet, if they were what would be the point? Any thief could get the code after stealing your radio. Contact the dealer for instructions and what info you need to get your cars unique radio code. The dealer will require the serial number off the radio and proof of ownership of the car it came from.
    • HouseCallAuto
  • alvarez5048
    alvarez5048 - 2004 Saturn Ion-2 - Body & Interior - 9/8/2013
    The driver seat and back get hot. I also sometimes smell like something is burning.
    75,000 complete oil change done All filters done. Heating and cooling work done. no warning lights on. Noticed a few weeks ago. Seems to happen all the time but more noticable when driven.
    • HouseCallAuto
      9/8/2013 HouseCallAuto
      Maybe a catalytic converter heat shield is missing and the resulting heat radiation is affecting the floor.
  • Beer34
    Beer34 - 2001 Saturn LW200 - Body & Interior - 7/12/2013
    My airbag light came on for no reason and as far as I know the clock spring was never touched or has the steering column
    The car only has 42000 miles on it
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  • swilliams253
    swilliams253 - 2007 Saturn Aura - Body & Interior - 6/29/2013
    Needles on instrument panel not lit up. dimmer switch used to get really hot,now it's on but doesn't dim
    103,000,no work performed needles on instrument panel no longer light up. also, dimmer switch used to get really hot, yesterday I realized it's not working properly. Lights are on but will not dim. This happens all the time. told Saturn dlrshp about the hot ...
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  • Saluki1998
    Saluki1998 - 2007 Saturn Aura - Body & Interior - 6/29/2013
    2007 Saturn Aura XR issue. Recently I have noticed that the lighted needles in the instrument cluster do not light up.
    55500 Miles, no work done for this problem yet. It does not mater if it is day or night, if the lights are on manual or auto, or if the dimmer for the cluster is all the way up or down. All of the other instrument cluster lights and functions are working properly. ...
    • TechSam
      5/1/2011 TechSam
      Take the cluster out and change all the light bulbs.
      5/1/2011 Saluki1998
      I do not think it is as simple as that. From what I understand the IPC is a vacuum fluorescent display, so there are no replaceable "bulbs". I do not want to go tearing into a vehicle, until I know what I am going to find. I am hoping this is something I can do myself without taking to a dealer. This is why I posed the original question.
    • swilliams253
      6/29/2013 swilliams253
      Hi, I too own a 2007 Aura XR. I'm having the same issue that you did. What did you find out that it was? How'd you fix it? What was the cost?

  • mbreedlove60
    mbreedlove60 - 2001 Saturn SL1 - Body & Interior - 6/17/2013
    Problem with dashboard installation.
    I own a 2001 Saturn SL1. After recently replacing the radio, I put the dashboard back on only to find it warped. After examination, none of the clips were broken. For some reason, there is a gap on the upper part of the dashboard. Nothing is broken, but I cannot ...
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