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  • Terry
    Terry - 2004 Pontiac Aztek - Preventive Maintenance - 10/4/2012
    Where can you find a repair manual for a Pontiac Aztek - 2004
    I have not had any luck so far.
    • CVO
      10/4/2012 CVO
      See this repair guide.

      2004 Pontiac Truck Aztek 2WD 3.4L SFI 6cyl

      Heating & Air Conditioning
      Engine Mechanical
      Drive Train
      Wiring Diagrams
      Engine Electrical
      Chassis Electrical
      Engine Cooling
      Fuel System
      General Information
      Engine & Vehicle Identification
      Engine Performance & Emission Controls

      It's free.
    • felplay auto repair.
      Have you try michell1 or alldata
  • josereyna
    josereyna - 2007 Pontiac G6 - Preventive Maintenance - 9/27/2012
    What causes a squaky noise when car moving?
    it sounds like something might be loose. it also sound like couple of mouses chatting or eating hehe. its not continuisly, it has their seconds of stop. i jack my car and moved the tired ad dont make that noise. i rotated couple of times and it doesnt make that ...
    • Larry
      9/27/2012 Larry
      This could be the disc brake wear warning indicators telling you it is time to replace your brake pads, If you do need brake pads keep in mind that most brake rotors ought to be replaced at the same time. If the brake pads are more worn on one side of your car it indicates a problem with your calipers.
  • Angie
      how was the alternator checked ? did you bring it to an auto parts store?
      3/1/2011 Angie
      Yes I took my car to the auto parts store and asked them if they might know why my lights are dim. The man came out with a scanner to check if it was my alternator or my battery. It checked out that I needed a new battery. I bought a new battery and they are still dim. Do you have any idea what this could be?
      9/23/2012 CVO
      Mr Joe-A is in Heavens and you will be missed from all of us.
    • Jason
      4/18/2011 Jason
    • Angie
      9/23/2012 Angie
      Thanks for all the suggestions, the problem was the wires they were all cracked so I had them replaced.
    • rick
      9/23/2012 rick
      FYI another thing that makes the lights dim . You see it all the time . A car with one bright light and one dim . Most times the dim light has a bad ground .
  • Jan
    • HouseCallAuto
      6/15/2012 HouseCallAuto
      There are kits out there to polish and improve the clarity but the real fix is buy new ones. they are not difficult to replace.
    • Jimm
      6/16/2012 Jimm
      I've had success with a clear plastic polish or compound by Meguiar's - cost around $4.00 - $5.00 at local auto part store. It goes on similar to wax - just apply using damp clean cloth, and buff clean. This will cut and remove the haze on the headlamp lenses.
      House Call Auto is correct - if this treatment does not work - then the only other option is new headlamp assemblies.
    • Angie
      9/22/2012 Angie
      I have a 2000 Grand Am GT1 and I replaced both my headlights, it's not difficult at all. I wouldn't spend extra money on the cleaner when in the long run you're going to have to change them anyway.
  • Peter
    Peter - 2002 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 9/21/2012
    My right turn signal when put on it goes very fast what does that meane. ths.
    • Obidiah O
      9/21/2012 Obidiah O
      it usually means that one of your turn signal bulbs on that side is burnt out
  • stewman
    stewman - 1993 Pontiac Firebird - Preventive Maintenance - 9/18/2012
    What cause's no ECM code to flash
    hooked code reader to car and get no response from check engine light
  • Lininva
    Lininva - 1994 Pontiac Sunbird - Preventive Maintenance - 9/18/2012
    Can I use 185/70R14 tires on the back of my car, and 160/70R14 tires on the front?
    0 answer
  • Brian
    Brian - 2007 Pontiac Torrent - Preventive Maintenance - 9/10/2012
    • RC
      9/10/2012 RC
      It could be evaporator condensation. If its leaking in the passenger compartment, the drain tube is clogged.
  • norm
    norm - 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix - Preventive Maintenance - 9/9/2012
    How do I adjust my headclights
    lights are pointing to high up, Not sure which screws are for the adjustments of the lights
    • Bill
      9/9/2012 Bill
      If this has occured gradually then you have bad struts in rear or too much weight.
      9/9/2012 CVO
      Mr Bill. I'm sorry, i got the wrong post.
    • CVO
      9/9/2012 CVO
      1.Pull your Pontiac Grand Prix to within 25 feet of a flat wall, like a garage door. Park the vehicle on a flat, level surface.

      2. Measure from the ground up 4 feet on your flat wall and using the masking tape, place a horizontal line across the wall. The horizontal line should be a little wider than the width of your Pontiac Grand Prix.

      3. Locate the center of your vehicle bumper and transfer that position to the horizontal masking tape line on the wall. Using the masking tape, make a vertical line across the horizontal line in the position that represents the center of your vehicle's bumper.

      4. Measure from the center of your vehicle's bumper to the center point of each headlight. Transfer those measurements to the horizontal masking tape line in the same manner that you transferred the center point in Step 3.

      5. Open the hood of your Grand Prix. Locate the adjustment screws on each headlight. The vertical adjustment screw will be on the top of the headlight and the horizontal adjustment screw will be on the lower outside edge of the headlight.

      6. Turn the headlights on and set them so the low beams are showing. Using a screwdriver, adjust the screws until both headlights are centered on the horizontal and vertical center points you created with the masking tape. When they are centered, turn the vertical adjustment screw until both headlights are showing the top of the light, across the horizontal tape line.

      7. Turn off the headlights. Close the hood of your vehicle and remove the masking tape from the wall.


  • Charlie
    Charlie - 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix - Preventive Maintenance - 9/3/2012
    How to stop repair shops from charging me big bucks without fixing the problem
    GMC repair shop replaced upper intake valve cover gasket, oil pick up tube gasket, oil pan gasket, crankshaft sealant. Car still leaks fluid. Second repair shop recomended new oil pan but did not pin point leak either. What should I insist they do to find the ...
  • Kim C
    Kim C - 2001 Pontiac Sunfire - Preventive Maintenance - 9/2/2012
    How important is the heat shield?
    Just had motor remounted, left shop and started making "rattling" noise. Went back to shop, heat shield no good and removed it. Do I need to get it replaced ASAP or what?
    • CVO
      9/2/2012 CVO
      If you live in the farming area, then you will need to install the heat shield asap due to the catalytic converter gets hot and it will ignite the dried weeds.Hope this helps.
  • victor garcia
    • Mike
      9/2/2012 Mike
      Headlight motor is gone out. My 2000 Firebird had the same problem, I had two change the motor.
  • Slle3583
    Slle3583 - 2009 Pontiac G6 - Preventive Maintenance - 8/29/2012
    Just replaced the ground strap now my check engine light is on, autozone gave me an error code P0411?
    My anti theft system came on one day drove to work, then went to leave and the car was dead. Jump started it and supposedly the place said it was my ground strap. Replaced the ground strap and my check engine light has been coming on. They reset it after telling ...
    0 answer
  • courtney
    courtney - 1999 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 8/6/2012
    There is an oily gritty substance that covers the entire under carriage of the car what is it and how do I prevent it?
    It's not oil
    • HouseCallAuto
      8/6/2012 HouseCallAuto
      I can't see it but you can. use a white paper towel and try to determine color. if it is not oil then it is tranny oil or power steering oil or coolant. You have to decide what it is.
  • tommt
    tommt - 1991 Pontiac Firebird - Preventive Maintenance - 8/4/2012
    How to fix popup light motor
    Popup lights quit coming up, motor activates and spins lights won't come up
    • Jimm
      8/4/2012 Jimm
      Sounds like you just need a headlamp motor rebuild. Sometimes the plastic bearing that make the motor work will become brittle and break over time.
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources, such as; or for the replacement parts. For example, they (Rock Auto) list the headlamp motor for around $90.00 for your vehicle.