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  • titia
    titia - 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix - Preventive Maintenance - 3/5/2012
    Yes i was trying to see what part i would have to order because my gas hand doesnt work and i dont want to buy a fuel pu
    pump. i have been told that i would have to purchase a whole fuel pump but my fuel pump works fine it is the sending unit that i need and alot of places doesnt sell this seperately.
    • jdl
      3/5/2012 jdl
      There is a fuel sender access panel in the trunk, ahead of the spare tire. Click on the link. Also, you can use a resistor on the proper wire to ground, key on, see if the fuel gage reacts properly to resistor? If it doesn't, the problem isn't the sending unit.
  • fog light
    fog light - 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix - Preventive Maintenance - 3/4/2012
    How do I replace Fog light in 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix
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  • nicholas
    nicholas - 2000 Pontiac Montana - Preventive Maintenance - 3/4/2012
    Why does my heat take so long to come on
    • CVO
      3/4/2012 CVO
      Insufficient coolant , trapped air in the cooling system might not have enough coolant to full fill the heater core..
      The hot coolant flows from the engine to the heater core through the "inlet" hose. After circulating through the core, the coolant returns to the water pump through the "outlet" or "return" hose. Both the inlet and outlet return hoses should feel hot when the engine is at normal operating temperature and the heater is on.

      1. If the both heater core hoses were cooled, then this vehicle might have an insufficient coolant in the cooling system.
      2. If the heater core inlet hose is hot and the outlet hose is cool, the heater core might be clogged.
  • rach622
    rach622 - 2004 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 3/1/2012
    Would you happen to know why my heater would be making a noise when its turned on?
    If I switch it to the airconditioning it still makes a noise but not as loud. Its not a humming or continuous noise either.It gets loud and then quiet and then loud then quiet, etc.
      does it kinda sound like marbles in a wooden box being shook?? blower motors go out alot, and the fan blades hit some areas around them. It usually gets worse and worse. with the car running, turn off heat/cooing system and see if it stops. blower motors seem to get worse in the cold weather, bearings
      get dry after years of use, and just have to change it out, no repair here to do. not hard at all.
      3/1/2012 rach622
      Thanks for the response Ill have to have the blower motor checked out
  • zero
    zero - 2005 Pontiac Sunfire - Preventive Maintenance - 2/29/2012
    Gas R.P.M and speedometer are not working properly. What could be my problem?
    Speedometer works sometimes, but on long trips it ends up reading zero. My gas gauge reads improperly. If I turn the car on then off it sometimes resets itself or get worse. The R.P.M gauge does not read at all.
    • LEW CARite
      2/29/2012 LEW CARite
      This can be wiring (a shorted wire, open wire, or wire with high resistance between the engine controller and the instrument panel), a controller fault, or an instrument panel cluster fault. Have someone pull codes for you, and that will help you zero in. - Lew Carite at
  • ryan
    ryan - 1993 Pontiac Firebird - Preventive Maintenance - 2/26/2012
    Why does my heater barely blow?
    engine temp when idling is around 225 degrees and as soon as i put in drive and take off it drops to 100 degrees
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/26/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Please rewrite this with more explicit detail about what you mean by "heater barely blow". You could mean the force of the air (blower speed) or you could mean the temperature of the air and are you saying that in seconds that you temperature gauge drops from 225 F to 100 F ?
  • Sage Hansen
    Sage Hansen - 1995 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 2/25/2012
    Changed fuel pump gas gauge now does not work
    gas gauge needle jumps from full to empty
    • Ben H
      2/25/2012 Ben H
      Possible causes:

      The new fuel pump may have come with a faulty leveler unit.
      If you replaced just the motor, the connection may have gotten damaged.
      The plug to the pump is not seated properly or at all.
      The leveler got damaged while getting re-installed.

      Unfortunately there is no easy fix to this without pulling the pump again.

      Ben @
  • Ron
    Ron - 2005 Pontiac Wave - Preventive Maintenance - 2/25/2012
    Replace the D.L.R. relay
    The low beams work just not the daytime running lights.
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  • bruce
    bruce - 2004 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 2/24/2012
    Evap hose and purge valve
    • Spoon Sports
      2/17/2012 Spoon Sports
      Yes what about it?
      Spoon Sports
      2/19/2012 bruce
      How much is replacement cost
    • Spoon Sports
      2/24/2012 Spoon Sports
      Were looking at 150-200 for the parts, for the labor, you have to use the find a shop button to make a couple of calls or use the negotiator tab and they will call for you.
  • juanvaldosta
    juanvaldosta - 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix - Preventive Maintenance - 2/19/2012
    What is the problem when I feel up my Grand Prix but the fuel needle dont really move at all?
  • Stanlo2720
    Stanlo2720 - 2001 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 2/11/2012
    How can i locate egr valve in my car
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/11/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Driver side top of engine. Toward the back, just behind the throttle body. It's electronic, has a connector plugged into the top of it.
      2/11/2012 Stanlo2720
      can you tell me how to change it
      2/11/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Replacing this valve is relatively easy, like 15 minutes. It is attached with two bolts. Remove the single bolt from the pipe first and move the pipe back slightly.
  • lynn
    lynn - 1998 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 2/10/2012
    Thermastat housing unit
    keeps melting the thermastat housing unit an leaking fluid
    • Bill
      2/9/2012 Bill
      Talk to us more about this and what led up to.
    • HouseCallAuto
      2/10/2012 HouseCallAuto
      Are you referring to the plastic housing on the driver side of the engine cylinder head that has two hoses and a sensor attached to it? If so, see that the brand that you install is genuine ACDELCO - part # is 24575259 and make certain that you do not have an overheating engine of course. I assume that if it was overheating you would have said that.
      2/10/2012 HouseCallAuto
      And a new seal as well part # 24572538
  • joshua
    joshua - 1999 Pontiac Sunfire - Preventive Maintenance - 2/9/2012
    Where can i find the whole driver and passenger doors
    i need both whole driver and passenger doors both front fenders the passengerside head light with mount and bolts and i need help fixing the emergency brake cable on the back of the car
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  • DeAnna
    DeAnna - 2001 Pontiac Grand Am - Preventive Maintenance - 2/7/2012
    The security light came on and now it wont start.
    • judd0081
      2/7/2012 judd0081
      The security light is a visual indication that something in the car's antitheft system is failing. In most GM cars and trucks there is a hidden system that most people are unaware even exists. From the moment you put your key in the ignition, there begins a constant line of communication between your key's security chip or transponder, to the ignition's lock cylinder, and then to the car's TDM. (Theft Deterrent Module) The TDM is what tells your computer that the correct key is being used and that it is "OK" to allow the vehicle to start and run. These 3 parts must be in CONSTANT communication. If the key is in the ignition, then these parts are sending important signals to each other. The security light illuminates when that signal gets broken, even just for a second. When the signal breaks, (normally due to a failing/broken part) the car goes into antitheft mode. The car misinterperates this and thinks its being stolen or hotwired because it is NOT getting that signal from YOUR specific key. There is where the security light turns on and shuts down your vehicle. So basically, if that light is on, your system has some sort of failing part. This can start as an intermittent "no start", to your vehicle not running for days at a time, to the vehicle NEVER starting again. The problem is electrical and computer based, so don't count on an easy reset button, or the problem fixing itself. The hard part is isolating which part is the problem. You can spend a thousand dollars through a mechanic very easily. I have had great luck with bypassing the entire system. This way the problem will never return. It actually CAN'T ever return and can be done yourself at a much cheaper cost. Read through this link very carefully. You'll find alot of information and pictures, along with ways to help you fix this.