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  • ross millsaps
    ross millsaps - 1995 Pontiac Bonneville - Body & Interior - 8/2/2013
    Radio.volume goes up and down on its own
    has steering wheel radio controls but not touched and it still goes high or low on its own how can i fix it, is there a fuse?
    • Jimm
      8/2/2013 Jimm
      There is no in-line fuse for the controls. The button contacts were made of a surprisingly soft rubbery compound that literally melted over time. The heat of the incandescent bulbs in the buttons were the culprit. The compound would melt into a gray toothpaste-like substance. There are write-ups for fixes on the web, and on different Pontiac websites. The fix involves cutting toothpicks to length and using them for contacts instead of that rubbery nonsense
  • c.lavigne
    c.lavigne - 2009 Pontiac G6 - Body & Interior - 7/28/2013
    Pass. side mirror not sure if base or GT model
    All I find is 4DR Sedan
    • Jimm
      7/28/2013 Jimm
      Check the many on-line auto parts sources, such as;,, - to list only a few. For example, they (RockAuto) list the outside rear view mirror from around $29.00 for your vehicle. These websites also list mirrors available for both the 2 dr and 4 dr vehicles.
  • rhansber
    rhansber - 1989 Pontiac Firebird - Body & Interior - 7/24/2013
    How do you remove the third brake light for bulb replacement?
    The third brake light is under the has 2 screws on the red plastic lens but removing these does not seem to release the lens for bulb replacement. Any ideas? Thanks.
    • mike hill
      7/24/2013 mike hill
      I have a 91 firebird formula with a/c issues. It only works in max. and I need help with this.
      I do have a leak in the system but, it has nothing to do with what is wrong. It could be the controls. I think I have a used one. That or a vacuum problem or even a relay problem. Not sure. Please any suggestion would be appreciated.
      mike hill
      7/25/2013 CVO
      The blower motor is controlled by the blower motor resistor ( Low, Medium Low and Medium high ) and the blower high speed relay.
      Replace the blower motor resistor as necessary.
      Note: you could open your own post and ask for a question.
  • michael roy
    michael roy - 1999 Pontiac Montana - Body & Interior - 7/17/2013
    How do I put up a hanging brake hose to keep it from catching on something on the road
    I have a brake hose that came loose near the driver side rocker panel and I need a way of attaching it to a place underneath the van to keep it from catching on something on the road
    • wbrockstar
      7/17/2013 wbrockstar
      Easiest thing to do is get some zipties from parts store and attach the brakeline to any bracket,hole,etc thats secure enough to hold.If you cant find anything to attach the ziptie to,get a couple self tapping screws and small plastic clips that will loop around brakeline and attach to framerail or underbody
  • mom6ore
    mom6ore - 1999 Pontiac Grand Am - Body & Interior - 7/11/2013
    Why do I get water on floor when it rains?
    110,000 miles in great shape. garage kept first 12 yrs. standing water on floor of passenger side front.
    • wbrockstar
      7/11/2013 wbrockstar
      Its probably your weather stripping around pass door or the sealant around your front windshield thats under the plastic/metal molding.Unless youve got a sunroof thats leaking
      7/11/2013 mom6ore
      I have ruled out molding around door. No sunroof or T-Tops. Called Glass shop about cost of windshield seal or checking. They suggested going to body shop removing cowl & having weep holes cleaned. I checked on removing cowl & It has 6 o so plastic pins that I removed but it seems to be sealed to windshield. I'm afraid of breaking window or cowl. So not to sure when or how much a body shop will cost. So hope the rain will stop for a while. We have had 18 of the last 19 days with rain. THANKS
    • wbrockstar
      7/11/2013 wbrockstar
      Go to youtube,search for 99 grand am windshield leaking,the 1st video is the one you need to watch.The posters name is johnnysshop -- Hope this helps
  • Sat
    Sat - 2005 Pontiac G6 - Body & Interior - 7/6/2013
    My Air Conditioner is always on!
    Recently the AC Condenser was replaced, and the system flushed. If you turn the AC on, with either the standard flow through or recirculating mode, the AC does not cycle on/off. That is, the duty cycle is 100% and the engine compartment becomes really hot. The ...
    • Jimm
      7/6/2013 Jimm
      There is an ambient air temperature sensor in the a/c system - that may be faulty. Check the many on-line auto parts sources, such as;,,, or for the replacement parts.
      For example, they (RockAuto) list the ambient air temperature sensor from around $6.30 for your vehicle.
      7/7/2013 Sat
      Thank you Jimm. Would you know the location where I can find the sensor? I looked online as much as I could to no avail. It's a 2005 Pontiac G6. Much obliged.
  • Brian
    Brian - 2000 Pontiac Grand Am - Body & Interior - 7/4/2013
    Air conditioning fan only works on high speed
    • jdl
      7/4/2013 jdl
      Maybe a problem with blower motor resistor? High speed doesn't use a resistor, lower speeds do use a resistor. The resistor assembly is under right side of dash, between blower motor and front of dash. It has a multiwire connector.

      Also check applicable fuses. There is hi blo fuse and another fuse for the lower speeds. Your owners manual should tell you which fuse is which.
  • tomfox04
    • HouseCallAuto
      7/2/2013 HouseCallAuto
      If there is no access from the underside of the stop light then the plastic bezel is removed from inside, usually has clips retailing it or two screws on the side.
  • dbbmeece
    • Jimm
      7/1/2013 Jimm
      Display OIL LIFE RESET on the driver information center (DIC).
      Press and hold the ENTER button for at least one second. An ACKNOWLEDGED display message will appear for 3 seconds or until the next button is pressed. This will tell you the system has been reset.
      Turn the key OFF. If the CHANGE ENGINE OIL light comes back on and stays on when you start your vehicle, the engine oil life system has not been reset. Repeat the procedure.
  • tweaty40
    tweaty40 - 2006 Pontiac G6 - Body & Interior - 6/7/2013
    Heat/ac doesn't come on at all
    2 days in a row I notice a drip on passenger side floor onto my foot only 1 or 2 drips no more when I first started car. A couple days later i got in vehicle started it drove 2 blocks turned heater on smelled something burning/seen smoke from defrost vent on dash. ...
    • CVO
      6/7/2013 CVO
      Check the heater core, it's leaked.
  • ray.alex.sosa
    ray.alex.sosa - 2006 Pontiac G6 - Body & Interior - 6/6/2013
    Car radio stop working. shop wiped down the engine & dashboard.
    i changed the fuse & it still doesn't work.
    • CVO
      6/6/2013 CVO
      Component electronics could been shorted or insulated by the water penetration. Use air compression to drive out the excess water and the hair dryer to dry out any wet spot.
  • VHhere
    VHhere - 2005 Pontiac G6 - Body & Interior - 6/4/2013
    Instrument panel on shifter
    the light is burnt out on the panel to show what gear I am in, how do I fix this
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  • mcnally5902
    mcnally5902 - 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix - Body & Interior - 6/1/2013
    Why does power drivers seat lose set position?
    Seat "sinks" after set adjustment. Is there any adjustment or does the seat motor have to be replaced?
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  • les
    les - 2000 Pontiac Bonneville - Body & Interior - 6/1/2013
    My front passenger and rear drivers side windows won't go down. They are powered windows.
    When I push the switch to roll them down I hear a click but they don't go down.
    • frankiedonnn
      6/1/2013 frankiedonnn
      It sounds like a mechanical problem with the motor. You need to look inside the door and see if something is causing the motor to jam or the glass runners are loose causing the glass to twist and jam.
      6/6/2013 les
      Thank u
  • ret1946
    ret1946 - 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix - Body & Interior - 5/31/2013
    Blower motor resistor
    how to check
    • Mike
      5/31/2013 Mike
      You can use a test lamp. Are you referring to the control module? Does the blower motor work?
      6/2/2013 ret1946
      Yes, the blower motor works.