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  • recebba1
    recebba1 - 1999 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 7/18/2013
    Need help with bleeding hints
    I had to replace a right front brake line bleed the system all is well but I blew another one in the process. I have now replaced the left front line. With the car off the pedal gets hard but once the car is running the pedal gets very soft again. Any Ideas?
    • wbrockstar
      7/17/2013 wbrockstar
      Are you saying that the pedal is alot softer than you remember it bein before you had the brake line replaced?It will be softer when the cars runnin than when its not runnin due to having power brake assist.Did you bleed the whole car after replacing the second line?Do the RR then LR then RF then LF in this order.If you just bleeded the line you replaced,it couldve got air in another part of the system.You can also check your vacuum line and booster check valve attached to the front of your brake booster for any leaks
      7/17/2013 recebba1
      It is now almost non existent when running goes all the way to the floor to stop. I did bleed the whole system rr lr rf lf . then in reading found that the manufacture recommends rr rf lr lf so I went that way as well and still the same result. just did the booster checks and all came out the way it should have.
    • wbrockstar
      7/17/2013 wbrockstar
      Im assuming you checked the pads while you had the wheel off.Ive bleed brakes before then had to turn right around and replace pads.Caliper piston could be sticking,and couldve caused your brake line to rupture because the excessive pressure tryin to force the piston/caliper back into position.The master cylinder could also be bad/leaking internally,which would cause no brake pedal.Last thing will be abs module(if your car has anti lock brakes)
      7/17/2013 recebba1
      yeah checked pads also made sure calipers were working while I was there retracted them all and wiggled. I read that you can test the master by pumping up the pedel with the car off and ho;ding it if it sinks then something is wrong with the master tried that and got nothing. I does have abs I have tried the abs bleed that I read but there is one line that I can not get broke to bleed.
    • wbrockstar
      7/17/2013 wbrockstar
      When you checked calipers you said you retracted them which verifies they released if theyre wiggling.Did you put something against brake pedal to hold it down while you visually see if they are closing against rotor too?Just curious because of the brake line ruptures.Seems like the hoses were put under excessive pressure to make em rupture.Several master cylinder checks can be done to guarantee your vent holes arent clogged,etc
      7/18/2013 recebba1
      was not the hoses it was the metal line I replaced. They had rusted through. I have my son to help with that he pushed the pedal for me.
    • All Season
      7/18/2013 All Season
      Hello this should have been a simple fix, Line replacement system bleed top fluid back off and be on your way. I have to be honest your question got me thinking...First back to square 1, this is important What shape where Both Front lines in ? The other you say pedal is hard Yes all power brake systems are that way when not running...telling me well having me ask How did you bleed your system. Personally I always have a Car running and a Helping Hand in this case Foot lol or pressure to the Master Cly. If as you replied to rockstar that all checks out it sounds like you still have Air in the system Did you happen to let the Master Cly. run out of Fluid or low as if you jacked up the car and air got back in the system by way of MC. At this point I would just check for any leaks again but fill and re-bleed the system with Help. Do inspect the blown lines asap. There is more but going by what I have read I will wait to see how you make out. ps: Do the Fronts First then the Backs.. put the book aside this round Good Luck !
      All Season
      7/18/2013 recebba1
      I know that I did not let it run dry but with all that's going on I wonder if my nephew did. I think I am going to have to pull it off and bleed it to be sure. Its the only thing I can think of.
      All Season
      8/3/2013 All Season
      Sorry for the gap with reply, I hope to hear you say by now You have this Fixed ? If not I will have to get some more details and I don't mind Helping you with this issue. Busy as well & extra time I helped setup a friends Shop, Front Ends Only. Hope all worked out, Please let me know you have me concerned. Pulling to Bleed if u mean MC time wasted, I do on bench when replacing. So rusted lines I got ya, ARE YOU FIXED UP & RUNNING YET ? I hope so. Been awhile now. Do let me know Ok Thanks
      All Season
      8/3/2013 recebba1
      Yeah sort of I bench bled the mc and bled the lines car off then car on. I got more of a pedal than I had. Been driving it and that seems to have helped the seem to have firmed up with driving even more so I think I am good for now. Thank you for your time though. Good luck in all that you do.
  • ccolemank
    ccolemank - 1994 Oldsmobile Bravada - Brakes - 6/23/2013
    Brake lights won't work. I change the bulb and fuse still does not work
    • CVO
      6/23/2013 CVO
      Stoplight switch directs current to the stop lights, cruise control, and shift interlock to turn them on or off
      When not replaced, stop lights will run continually or not function, potentially causing premature bulb failure, safety issues and/or the transmission will not shift out of park.
      Check the Stoplight Switch
      For your 1994 Oldsmobile Truck Bravada AWD 4.3L CPI 6cyl
      Replace it as necessary.
  • garrickcc
    garrickcc - 2002 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 5/28/2013
    Clunk/knock when applying brakes
    When i push in my brake pedal there is a loud knocking or clunk sound coming from the right side wheel.. doesn't matter if i'm moving, or not. It will do several knocks/clunks as a push the break in further.. Also sounds like its coming from the pedal to, but you ...
    • CVO
      5/28/2013 CVO
      Safely raise and support the vehicle. Remove the wheel and inspect the brake caliper bolts to make sure there is not a loose caliper.
  • pasqualsudat
    pasqualsudat - 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass - Brakes - 3/23/2013
    Brakes stick. How much to fix the problem
  • ronspaz
  • ronspaz
    ronspaz - 2001 Oldsmobile Bravada - Brakes - 3/4/2013
    Brake light on top of tailgate works but the brake lights on tal lights do not work
    we replaced the brake light switch the bulbs and checked the fuses
    • CVO
      3/4/2013 CVO
      Check the turn signal switch, it has the cruise control as well as the brake signal on it.
      3/4/2013 HouseCallAuto
      How to check it?
  • jg
    jg - 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue - Brakes - 1/26/2013
    My breaks has problem
    i was told that I had worp rotor so I had the replaced and 6 months later they are worped again . I was told that they should of changed the pad at the same tie they replaced rotor
    • Jimm
      1/26/2013 Jimm
      The short time period of six months is not long - how many miles are in these six months? Second question, were the brake rotors replacement as equal or better quality than the original equipment (OEM) type? If not, then at the next brake rotor replacement - make sure the brand and type is equal or better than the OEM type that was originally installed on the vehicle when new.

      Generally, the brake rotors should last a lot longer than the brake pads - they do not usually have to be replaced as frequently. Have you checked the brake calipers - to make sure the piston is fully retracting - and not causing excess wear or drag on the brake pads - which would cause the rotors to warp due to the heat / friction build-up?
      Try the many on-line auto parts sources; such as, or for the replacement parts.
      Check the 'How-To-Guides' feature on the AutoMD website for specific steps to inspect and replace the brake rotors and components.
    • rick
      1/26/2013 rick
      Yes they should have . But if the rotors are warping that fast there is something else going on . Could be the calipers are hanging up and this would cause the problem .
  • lisapug9110
    lisapug9110 - 2003 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 1/4/2013
    Why does the brake tail light come on several hours after car has been turned off
    This has happened for two nights in a few and I have to jump the car because battery is drained
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  • lisapug9110
    lisapug9110 - 2003 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 1/4/2013
    Why does the brake tail light come on several hours after car has been turned off
    This has happened for two nights in a few and I have to jump the car because battery is drained
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  • cgood33
    cgood33 - 2004 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 1/3/2013
    Do I have to bleed brakes after changing brake pads
  • kendrad
    kendrad - 1996 Oldsmobile LSS - Brakes - 12/19/2012
    What do I need to fix?
    When I bought the car my tires were low on thread so I thought this was why I had to floor the break pedal to stop and when slowing down it jerks. I bought two used front tires and new brakes for the front and the problem was not as bad as before. I took it to the ...
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  • madison
    madison - 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme - Brakes - 11/26/2012
    Instructions on how to change a brake line would be very nice. Please add
    Busted brake line
    • Jimm
      11/26/2012 Jimm
      Until someone volunteers this on the 'How-To-Guides' on the AutoMD website, you may access the instructions to replace brake lines on this website;
      11/27/2012 Jason
      Assuming this is a brake hose and not the tubing, does AutoZone provide specific or generic instructions? The guide on AutoMD is generic.
    • Bill
      11/26/2012 Bill
      Brake line connections are very important to get right for your safety. There is tubing you can purchase and a ferreling (flaring tool) tool that can be rented or purchased. This can be over the head of many weekend mechanics.
  • lorisayers
    lorisayers - 1999 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 11/6/2012
    What do i have to do to fix the trac off light i understand it has to do with a sensor in the front left wheel
    has 180,000 miles and they fixed this in 2009 at the lot that i bought it from i need to do the work myself this time
    • HouseCallAuto
      11/6/2012 HouseCallAuto
      You cannot guess at it. you need to know the fault code that is stored in the abs module. The usual cause can be a bad front wheel speed sensor but hey, there is a left and a right. You cannot possible know which one is your cause. You have a 50/50 chance. If the left one was replaced in '09 then it would be more likely that the right one would be the cause this time, buy hay, ya never know. My advice, have someone with a code reader that is able to read gm abs codes read the codes for ya. or buy your own abs code reader and read them yourself.
  • brokecollegegirl
    brokecollegegirl - 2003 Oldsmobile Alero - Brakes - 10/12/2012
    Why does my Brake dash light come on while I'm driving?
    In June the Brake dash light (the same one that comes on when the emergency brake is pulled) started coming on when I would make left turns. It didn't do it all the time, usually just around big turns and it would often go off on it's own a few seconds later or if I ...
    • CVO
      10/12/2012 CVO
      See this picture Master Cylinder (Brake System)
      For your 2003 Oldsmobile Alero 2.2L MFI DOHC 4cyl

      Check the brake fluid level, it could be low and it triggered the brake fluid level sensor or the sensor failed to function.
  • Shahna
    Shahna - 1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 - Brakes - 9/28/2012
    My 1975 olds delta 88 Royale - emergency brake doesn't work ? need new assembly, can't find one, can I replace ?
    Is there another brake assembly I can use. Too scared to drive w/o emergency brake. Some thing is not connected/can't figure out what/push on pedal but car doesn't stop/have to pull up pedal and release lever to bring pedal back up/help!
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